broadband security with router

  clipperton 17:22 18 Nov 2004

I have 3 PCs linked to broadband with netgear router - all configured fine. It might sound a bit paranoid but is there any need to switch the modem off ( it is external with own power supply ) if all PCs are shut down?

  mattyc_92 18:08 18 Nov 2004

Hi, no there aren't no real reason to do that, but it can help your electric bill and if there is a power-serge, then you will pretect the device... On some early models of Broadband, the device's performance may be temperaryly cripled (soz about spelling). This is because the drive is still working away so it is warming up.....

To sumarize, no you don't HAVE to unplug/turn-off this device, but I would to protect it and/or keep it's performance tip-top

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