Is broadband safe from dialler software?

  dave_the_red 20:24 07 May 2004

  dave_the_red 20:26 07 May 2004

I was just wondering if broadband is safe from the nasty dialler software that is around on the internet. If it is not can anyone reccomend any good sites or software to defend myself against them. I found 5 different diallers on my pc but nothing appeared on my phone bill so i would just like to be prepared. Thanks


  MidgetMan 20:28 07 May 2004

yes without a doubt, the only way it can acces the internet is via a dial up modem. This subject was the focus of a very long thread awhile back.Just use a spyware programe to get rid of them,

  johnnyrocker 20:30 07 May 2004

they do get in machines and cut i/net connection( i have had a few) but then cannot connect because as rightly said they need a dial tone to work.


  dave_the_red 20:45 07 May 2004

Thanks a lot for that. It had me worried for a while. Even more benefits of broadband then.


  Graham ® 20:51 07 May 2004

Unplug the dial-up modem from the phone socket.

  Pesala 21:26 07 May 2004

This is what NTL say:

>> This problem mainly affects dial-up internet customers, but can also affect broadband customers if you leave your phone line plugged into your computer. <<

That is, if you leave your dial-up modem plugged in, your PC could get infected via BB, and dial out using a dial-up modem. Not likely that anyone would leave their modem plugged in, but not impossible. They might think that since they no longer use the dial-up service, there is no risk. That is not the case as the virus just dials the telephone number on the modem.

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