Broadband and the RJ11 data cable!

  ivesy 09:20 14 Feb 2004

I have tried to set up my parents PC to the internet with Tiscali broadban. Unfortunately I get the error 680-No Dial Tone. There are 2 LED's on the MODEM one is constantly on (the Power) but the other (DSL) status isn't (but sometimes flickers. My feeling is the RJ11 data cable needs to go direct to the telephone socket from the MODEM but as the PC is upstairs and the socket is downstairs the lead will not be long enough! My question apart formany other possibilities is if I have to buy say a 6 or 7 metre lenghth of this cable will it affect the connection? in other words will it be really slow due to the length of cable. I tried the dail method and that worked straight away so it's not the phone line and BT have only just OK'd the line for Broadband.

  y_not 09:32 14 Feb 2004

click here for the Tiscali shop - they ask you to specify the length of cable you want which suggests to me that you shouldn't have a problem

  y_not 09:34 14 Feb 2004

Sorry - poor link. Try this one click here

  Djohn 09:46 14 Feb 2004

I use an 8 metre RJ11 cable direct from the modem to the filter in the main phone socket, no problems at all. I tried the standard 1.5 metre cable by moving my PC closer to the phone socket and no difference whatsoever. j.

  ivesy 14:43 14 Feb 2004

Thanks for the help! I'll order some cable and see if that works! If not, does anyone have any ideas why there's no dial tone?

  handful 14:53 14 Feb 2004

I have just got Tiscali BB and have experienced problems (I will start my own thread on that rather than hijack yours!) but I have my RJ11 cable plugged into my upstairs socket and still get a constant light on the modem. I wouldn't have thought this should be a problem, have you got the filters connected to all used phone sockets, including satellite etc?

  ivesy 15:11 14 Feb 2004

I think the problem could be there's only one socket which is downstairs I've put a filter in that socket which has a 2 way adapter on it then connected this 2 way adapter which has the phone line to both upstairs and downstairs. I've olso put a filter at the end of the telephone extension which runs from downstairs and the 2 way adapter this has the RJ11 cable in as it's the closest to the PC. I'm begining to think I just the need the one filter from the main telephone point and then use a 10 metre pluse RJ11 lead to run from the modem downstairs to the filter. I think! Anyway I realy appreciate the feed back as this is stressing me out mor ethan normal as I'm meant to be doing this to help my parents get on the Net for the first time!

  handful 17:01 14 Feb 2004

It may not be relevant but I think my extension set up seems to be similar to yours. When I connected the filter to the main phone socket, the phone wouldn't work at all for incoming or outgoing calls. The socket upstairs that runs basically as an extension from the main socket worked fine with a phone connected. I played around for a while, swapping filters to test etc and somehow, it started to work fine. Unfortunately, I don't actually know which bit of what I did rectified the fault!! What I am getting at is it may be worthwhile doing something similar as I am still convinced you should be able to plug the RJ11 into the upstairs filter.

  Forum Editor 17:13 14 Feb 2004

ADSL microfilters if you want to make phone calls on them - the phone will not work (or work very badly) if you don't do this.

  Stuartli 17:21 14 Feb 2004

At least one person I know uses a 15 metre telephone extension cable to his modem's (short) RJ11 cable and it works well; the computer system is housed in the loft!

My own is a five metre cable as it goes under the hall and front room carpets to the modem from the master socket.

A telephone engineer told me recently that providing an extension cable doesn't run close to a mains cable for more than a short distance, there will be no problems with inteference etc.

  Stuartli 17:26 14 Feb 2004

Talking about broadband in the case of the first example - mine is a dialup modem.

This person's house is also on a wireless network to enable the use of a laptop, PDA etc on broadband anywhere.

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