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Broadband and REN numbers

  Truronian 09:56 29 Nov 2007

I have 2 land line phones at home plus a pair of digital cordless phones, only one of which needs to be, and is, plugged into a telephone socket. I have no REN number for the cordless phones. As i am running my computer on BB, is there a REN number for that line as well?

  Cockney Rebel 18:25 29 Nov 2007

Just to confirm that Carpigiani is correct in stating the maximum REN is 4.Most telephone equipment is rated at 1,but some eg faxes maybe rated at 1+half or 2.I am using a BT hub+phone plus a pair of cordless phones with no problems.

  Truronian 19:19 29 Nov 2007

What I really want to know is if my computer also has aREN number when being used when phones are being used. The two earlier replies have certainly clarified part of my query. Thank you to bnoth of them.

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