Broadband recommendations wanted.

  grangefair 10:44 05 Oct 2005

I have been with NTL on dial up for over 5 years now, and have been waiting for two years for BT to upgrade my local exchange (out in the wilds of North Yorkshire) so that I might transfer to Broadband. This they have now done and - guess what - NTL are not providing a Broadband service to my area.

Although it will be a great nuiscance, it seems I shall have to go with another ISP. Any recommendations other than NTL would be appreciated.

  spuds 10:53 05 Oct 2005

click here seem to be as reliable and competitive as most.

  ventanas 10:56 05 Oct 2005

It's all relative to how far you are from the exchange. I'm in West Yorkshire, and we were only enabled earlier this year. I'm with Wanadoo and get virtually the full 2mb, but I'm very close to the exchange (700m).

  johnnyrocker 10:59 05 Oct 2005

click here


  rmcqua 13:25 05 Oct 2005

I live on the IOW and BT upgraded my (small) local exchange earlier this year. I subscribed to the Tiscali 2Mb package and I am very pleased with it (consistently 2.3 Mb or better and no service problems).

  Jackcoms 15:45 05 Oct 2005

"I am very pleased with it (consistently 2.3 Mb or better and no service problems)."


What are you basing the 2.3Mb on?

  ventanas 15:52 05 Oct 2005

Mine says it's connecting at 2.2mb. Wishful thinking I think. It would be nice though.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:08 05 Oct 2005

The 2.3 Mb ONLY refers to the maximum that the line will allow and has nothing to do with the actual speed. Check speed accurately here


  pickle factory 18:36 05 Oct 2005

Very happy with Plusnet so far. £16.99/mth for 1mb speed. Limited to 3Gb bandwidth, but that's plenty for my usage. Shouldn't say this probably, but I've yet to have any sort of issue with it, reliability excellent so far and I've been with them at least 12 months now.

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