broadband quota limits

  Rebecca* 15:14 26 Aug 2004

Hi, I am thinking about upgrading my broadband account to 1mb. The only problem is that they have started to put a limit on how much you can use the service, They are allowing 30mb a month. Not really sure in terms of downloading and surfing etc how much this would be. I do not want to switch and find out that I am reaching my limit before the end of the month. Is anyone else on a similar package and if so can you give me a rough idea of how much usage you get with 30mb. Thanks for any help.

  techpro 15:15 26 Aug 2004

30MB? Are you sure??

  ShanghaiDave 15:17 26 Aug 2004

That is a fair amount of usage but I don't think you should even consider an ISP which gives you limits personally. I think the only way to stop it is if people stop using ISP's who do that. Look at pipex, they give you the option and you can get an unlimited package for £34.99 a month for 1mbps.

  scooby43 15:17 26 Aug 2004

Which company you going with I think you might mean 30gb a month for 1mb 15gb for 512. less usage 2gb

  Rebecca* 15:18 26 Aug 2004

Yes just checked it. Why is that good? Sorry I have no idea.

  scooby43 15:18 26 Aug 2004

but how long does it last eventually we may all be limited. I dont like the sounds of it though. It costs enough.

  Rebecca* 15:19 26 Aug 2004

oops soory 30 MB!!!

  scooby43 15:20 26 Aug 2004

30mb isnt that much is that including downloads or just surfing the internet and sending and recieving emails

  Rebecca* 15:21 26 Aug 2004

Should have read 30GB.

  powerless 15:21 26 Aug 2004

You mean GB's.

Take a look at your coonection properties and see what is happening on your connection.

Do it over a few days, take an average and times it by a month.

You'll get a very rough idea, which will change.

Tell us what you do on the internet?

  Rebecca* 15:26 26 Aug 2004

Well mainly surfing and emailing. Although my son plays online games. I spend about 6 hours a day on the net not including my sons usage.

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