broadband providers

  djbenny 21:17 12 Jan 2006

i need a broadband provider, non capped at about 2mb preferbally what prices can i get this for?

  djbenny 21:34 12 Jan 2006

anyone know of any isps?

  VoG II 21:37 12 Jan 2006
  bluto1 22:38 12 Jan 2006

djbenny, try Tiscali BB and phone bundle for £19.99 monthly. 2 Mb, unlimited, free anytime phonecalls, free set up, modem etc.
Only calls to pay for are 0870,0845, and that sort of number. Give them a go and see what`s what.

  Skills 22:43 12 Jan 2006

Im on tiscali and although they do offer a good pricing deal as of late there speeds have not been the best so I really cant recommend them especially as you'll be tied to a 12month contract

  Stuartli 00:44 13 Jan 2006

I'm also a Tiscali subscriber - in fact I've been with it since the WorldOnline days - and I can't honestly recommend the ISP at the moment.

I also find that somewhat disappointing to report, but it's well documented in these forums.

Yet it would take very little to turn it into one of the most respected ISPs in the UK.

  [email protected] 01:28 13 Jan 2006

If your area is serviced by Blueyonder then I wouldn't hesitate to go with them. NTL are similar but they offer only 10MB packages, at different prices depending on usage, rather than speed.

If you're in an ADSL area only then have a look at Plusnet click here - £17.99 unlimited 2 meg and free setup.

  [email protected] 01:34 13 Jan 2006

Sorry I was wrong about NTL. They do offer unlimited 2 meg packages although for the same price Blueyonder offer 4 meg. Unfortunatly, they do not operate in the same locations. If you are in an NTL (or Blueyonder) area, I would still go with them as they have far superior technology and the ability to improve greatly unlike ADSL ISPs (all the rest) who are restricted to BT's out-of-date copper wires.

  [email protected] 01:49 13 Jan 2006

Plusnet have changed their package since I looked at them last month. The basic package at £14.99/month used to be unlimited but now they say it is designed for people that use about 5GB at peak time per month indicating they may be using a 'fair usage' policy like Tiscali. It also warns that it is not for people that use P2P and that the premium package at £21.99 is suited for those.

Sorry about all the mistakes in the previous posts...It's late :o(

I think I better go to bed!


  Yo Ho 07:48 13 Jan 2006

I'm with Plusnet @ £21.99/mth, and can recommend, but if you can get NTL, think you should go with that. A friend in Widnes has just got on line with Phone/TV/Broadband package @ £28/mth. He's had his Phone/TV with NTL for some time, and think he struck a deal. Not sure if there are caps on that, but will be checking out with him.
If you are in a BT only area, think seriously about a Phone/Broadband package. That way, you know exactly how much you will be out of pocket/mth, and watch out for caps on cheaper services, also don't forget BT line rental.
If you go down that route, try and get a package which includes BT line rental. That way, you have only one bill to contend with.

  djbenny 08:21 13 Jan 2006

thanks i have looked on plusnet it looks pretty good also looked at demon, thought that lkooked pretty good too, i cant get NTL or Blueyonder, is there a site to find out what speed my line can go up to?

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