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  Peter C 00:58 06 Feb 2003

I have just (last week) swapped my Dial-Up AOL internet for a new shiny BT Broadband connection!

I am very, very impressed with the speed of the internet now!


The one of few things that i loved about AOL is that it was like a single program that you opened up, then once open, put in your details, connect, then all your EMail account was there, and websites opened up in windows within the AOL 'program'/browser.

With BT Broadband I use Internet Explorer, and I don't get any EMail addresses!

Is there any such browser which acts in EXACTLY the same way as AOL, as in you open it, connect to BT Broadband with it, then you get your home page with all the channels and and EMail address!? I can't get to grips with bloody Outlook Express! It's crap! AOLs way of recieving and sending EMail is much, much better!

Someone please give me a solution!

I do not want AOL Broadband though, I want to stick with BT!

Here's hoping......

  plroofing1 02:19 06 Feb 2003

once you get the hang of outlook express your'll see iys loads better than AOL. You can do loads more with your email. Just import your address book into it. Then when you click create mail just open your address book click on the person you wnat to send it to and it does the rest for you. You can set it to add the address of everyone you recieve mail from if you want to. You can also set it to play a sound when you recieve mail and also how often it searches for new mail. Just open outlook express and then leave it running on the task bar, it will play the sound and an enverlope will appear near the clock when you get mail.
As for web pages, just add them to your favorites in explorer.
Hope this helps.

  ripvan 20:05 06 Feb 2003

peter have a look at click here it is based on outlook express but has animations,sounds etc to play with.You should be able to set o/e to pick up email from anywhere under the tool-options/or accounts menus including different accounts on different sites

  Peter C 11:55 07 Feb 2003

Thank You for your replies, and everything you are talking about sounds great.

Not quite what I'm looking for, but am getting used to it all now.

Where can I go to get a FREE Email account, where I can log onto it check EMails and SEND Emails from it?

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