broadband problems

  chownsy 18:58 31 Mar 2008

I am with IDnet for adsl and there customer support is awesome, they are friendly, helpful and always know what there on about,
well anyway i have had this problem on and off for nearly 2 years,
I was with virgin fixed 512kbps service with a low ping of 20ms on most games, then suddenly one day after a phone pole was renewed opposite our house my ping went upto 30ms and never went lower.
i then upgraded to pipex witha phone package and had loads of hastle with net disconnections and restrictions which i though was the provider.
At the time then i was getting 1.4mb.
Anyway i changed to idnet to get a better service which i was, and a week in i was happy, speeds of 1.6- 1.8mb and a line sync of 2.2mb, ( i thought great bt can turn up my settings to match my line sync)
well they never and i noticed the problem that i had before re-appear.
The problem i notice nearly everytime now is that when the phone rings the adsl line looses sync,
BT engineer has found that the line has a fault on it and that it is nothign at all 1 bit to do with the internal phone system, but they cannot find the fault, they have tried changing lines from my house to the exchange, they have tried a lift and shift onto a new network card in the exchange and all these have not worked, they have even upped the SNR to try and stablise the line.
Now i have a ping of 60 ms and a connection speed of 600-800kbps where 2 weeks ago i wsa getting 1.8mb.
has anyone come accros this problem before and know a cure or any ideas..
I keep having to wait fo BT to test the line and there remote tests come back perfect, i test it or the bt engineer tests it and they have 100's of faults on there laptop.
All help will be graetly appreciated

  Diversion 19:27 31 Mar 2008

Have you asked BT to turn the gain up on your line to get a better reception, or do like I did keep pestering them that your telephone keeps cutting off during making calls? Finally they put me a new line up, and now I'm getting a 6MB connection; but I'm only just over a mile from our exchange.

  chownsy 19:37 31 Mar 2008

its a difficult problem,
the 2 engineers i have had, 1 said no fault and the other spent 1 1/2 days on it and then was told not to do no more on the line.
i live 4000meters from the exchange but have been told have a strong line speed when it was all working at one time.
thanks for your reply,
Bt tried changing network cards, SNR, Gain (i think) resetting cards, new line from exchange to house, (they used a spare line on the exsisting line)

  Dipso 22:00 31 Mar 2008

Looking at this from another angle...what modem/router do you use?

Do you have good quality filters?

Can you post up your full line statistics i.e. downstream/upstream attenuation, DS/US noise margin this may help if you don't know how to find them click here

  chownsy 22:10 31 Mar 2008

draytek vigor 2800v router modem,
Bt Mastersocket filter installed by Bt, also tested with 3 other filters and even left phones disconnected.

System Status System Uptime: 4:6:19
LAN Status Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:
IP Address TX Packets RX Packets 179765 147627

WAN Status GW IP Addr:
Mode IP Address TX Packets TX Rate RX Packets RX Rate Up Time
PPPoA --.---.--.--- 42733 14 60420 10 0:58:08

3G USB Modem Status GW IP Addr: ---
Link Speed IP Address TX Packets TX Rate RX Packets RX Rate Up Time
0 --- 0 0 0 0 00:00:00
Message [ PPP Shutdown ]

ADSL Information (ADSL Firmware Version: E.38.2.23 )
ATM Statistics TX Blocks RX Blocks Corrected Blocks Uncorrected Blocks
128051 1484548 45 5


ADSL Status Mode State Up Speed Down Speed SNR Margin Loop Att.
G.DMT SHOWTIME 448000 1216000 16.0 56.5

I have run 3 tests tonight, and its only when the phone rings in and it seems to be an external problem.

  woodchip 22:15 31 Mar 2008

Do you have another modem you can test it with? or borrow one

  chownsy 22:17 31 Mar 2008

that is why i bought this modem,
i had the problem with my last one and thought it was the router,
the Bt blokes modem disconnected also when he was heere testing it,
He also told me that the problem could be found at any point alog the line and even in the exchange,
I want to be able to actually get this fixed and basically tell BT the solution if i can

  woodchip 22:54 31 Mar 2008

Then there is only them that can sort it

  chownsy 23:03 31 Mar 2008

i was just hoping someone had seen this problem before and could say ask bt to do this : . . . but looks like im just going to have to put up with there excuses til my provider forces them to take another look again
Any ideas will be helpful aswell,
Why would my line synce drop so much in 1 week?Cheers

  woodchip 23:11 31 Mar 2008

Does it make any difference if you remove all the phones off the line

  Dipso 06:44 01 Apr 2008

From your stats, you have a longish line, loop att of 56.5, but not the worst I've seen. The fact that your noise margin is at the maximum explains the poor connection speed. Despite being expensive the Draytek doesn't have the best name with ADSL Max and I've seen this before.

Barmoor (sorry to name you, Barmoor) was having problems with a new router (D-link) and he has a long line too, longer than yours, I recommended a Speedtouch 585v6 which is known to handle log lines well. He got a much better connection speed with the Speedtouch than the D-link...I know you are pretty much certain it's the line but maybe worth changing hardware to see if things improve any. IDNet used to sell 585's, well, when I was with them, they did.

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