Broadband problems

  Cyrus34 21:08 18 Sep 2007

The problem is that every evening Between 7.30 and 8pm my broadband connnection drops and then auto redials and reconnects.

This has been going on since i upgraded to a 8mbps connection speed about a month ago.

I upgraded my connection speed after being told by my provider that my line will take 8 Mbps. Having reported the fault to them at least 4 times now im being told my line can only take 2 Mbps.

I can connect to the broadband at between 4.1 too 5.1 Mbps which im happy with.

Also when i connect my PC direct to the BT master socket in my house the problem goes away, I only get it when i use a slave socket.

It is not am option to keep the PC in the same room as the master socket, the nearest i can get it is 15 meters away

My provider do not seem to be sorting the problem ,so i am at a loss.

  Marko797 21:12 18 Sep 2007

Cyrus, the way u have things set up seems to be part of the problem here, especially when u say that 'plugging into the master skt' clears the problem. Can u describe what ur set up is? How are u connected 15 mtrs away? Do u have filters fitted?

  woodchip 21:19 18 Sep 2007

Dropped connection can be a line quality problem. In fact I would put my money on it.

  Marko797 21:22 18 Sep 2007

would agree, apart from the fact that when Cyrus plugs into his 'master skt' things clear up. Suggests the slave he refers to is at fault possibly.

  woodchip 21:29 18 Sep 2007

Line quality includes all, up to is modem

  woodchip 21:30 18 Sep 2007

PS could be a dicky filter or anything

  woodchip 21:33 18 Sep 2007

Just forgot to say that a Microwave or other electrical equipment switching on at a given time, can drop the connection. it may be next door if you live in a semi

  Cyrus34 23:31 18 Sep 2007

Thx for the quick response

Marko my set up is as follows
My master socket is in the bedroom (ground floor flat)witch feeds to a slave in the hall way ,then to the living room.

Then from the living room slave to my modem via a 5 meter phone line extension cable.

With filters fitted on all phones.

Im thinkin maybe if i rum a high speed modem cable from the modem in the living room to the master in the bedroom under the carpets or maybe set up a wireless router by the master .

what do u think?

  six-h 23:36 18 Sep 2007

of year.
Has been known..!

  Marko797 09:59 19 Sep 2007

but, in order to eliminate certain things, is it possible that u can connect directly into your master skt at the time when this normally occurs @c.7.30-8pm? Maybe plug in before the dreaded hour and monitor progress, & then see what happens. If it drops off, then this would appear to be either a skt issue (possible), or one which woodchip & six-h mention (probable).
If it doesn't drop off when in the master skt, then it points to ur slave/extensions as being the problem.
I'm assuming in all this that ur filter is good (have u tried swapping it?) and the 1st thing coming out of the master skt, and that ur slaves then plug into it?
Give it a try and let us know.

  Dipso 09:59 19 Sep 2007

A wireless modem/router is a good way of getting around this problem but first of all I would check out your internal phone wiring. It could simply be a case of removing the ring wire from your sockets click here

The fact that it happens at the same time every night does suggest something electrical interfering though, central heating timer maybe?

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