Broadband problems.

  johnOcookj88 19:49 01 May 2005

I've just got broadband on my PC and have encountered problems ever since. I run windows ME on an Athlon 1.2ghz processor with 256mb of RAM. (ancient but has been working fine until now). New modem is a Thomson Speedtouch 330. Since installation I have had problems with windows shutting down. System refuses to close and just hangs. In addition I have crashed more times in the last few days than I have in years. When downloading mouse starts to go slow before freezing altogether. I use "cacheman" to manage memory but it appears as if tyhe new set up is draining my system

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 01 May 2005

Have you got the latest drivers for the speedtouch?

The latest SpeedTouch 330/USB modem driver is release 3.01 click here

  johnOcookj88 21:11 01 May 2005

Thanks for your help. I already have the latest driver installed.

  woodchip 21:22 01 May 2005

It sounds like you took up on the BT/NTL BB that I just joined. As that's the Modem they sent me, it's a Alcatel usb frog for short. But I did not have any problems at all on this Win98se comp or my Desktop XP or Laptop XP. But got a Modem Router now so I can use all tree or any one without switching Modem, it's also Wireless So I can go out in Garden when Sun shines and use Laptop on BB

  Graham ® 22:53 01 May 2005

This sounds like a USB power problem. Disconnect all other USB devices to prove.

  Kate B 00:55 02 May 2005

USB bb modems can be tricksy - if you've got the dosh, ditch the USB modem and get an Ethernet modem instead ...

  Chegs ® 05:05 02 May 2005

Changing the chipset driver(Via4in1)sometimes can help,but only if your mobo is actually equiped with a Via chipset. :-)

  johnOcookj88 17:55 02 May 2005

It appears as if I've no memory left for no good reason even though I'm not multi-tasking. I'd appreciate anyone who has similar problems since switching to broadband. prior to this my system worked fine. My ISP is Talktalk. I've tried using Cachemen to solve problem but to no avail.

  woodchip 18:11 02 May 2005

Two things to try is Repair IE, click here

Next you could try running SFC /SCANNOW in the Run box

  johnOcookj88 18:47 02 May 2005

Have repaired IE but when I tried SFC /SCANNOW I got a message saying Windows cannot find SFC.

  moh23 18:48 02 May 2005

had the same probs with ntl broadband i upgraded memory to 512 and have had no problems since

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