broadband problems

  jeanette78 13:12 21 Oct 2004

I have finaly installed broadband, but find that when i close my pc down and restart it with the modem plugged in (i have wanadoo broadband with a usb connection) i either have a blank screen with a curser flashing in the top left coner or if i then switch off at the point i start in safe mode. But if i unplug my modem BEFORE switching off, it start correctly and i then plug my modem in and click on the speedtouch icon and it loads and i then have to click on the internet explorer icon to start wanadoo. Sorry for the long page but i am a novice and need all my t's crossed lol. Also another small problem compared to BB conection is that my BB connection drops quite frequently and i have to double click on speedtouch icon to reconnect, thanks jeanette.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:22 21 Oct 2004

how much memory, Processor, windows.

You do not have to unplug the BB Modem at any time.

Have you fitted Micro Filters on All Telephone sockets where there is a telephone fitted in you house ?

  Jackcoms 13:50 21 Oct 2004

There may be a problem with the USB connection/lead from your modem to the PC or the modem drivers.

The blank screen with a flashing cursor in the top left may be the PC trying to locate your modem before the USB modem drivers have loaded and if the drivers are corrupt it cannot 'find' the modem.

Suggest you check that the the USB lead is not damaged (replace it if it is) and, in any case, un-install and re-install the modem drivers.

I also agree with BlueEye's - does EVERY phone, fax, digi-box, etc in your house have a microfilter fitted?

  jeanette78 13:57 21 Oct 2004

My PC in emachine 310 and i have windows ME, 766MHz intel celeron processor, 20 gb hard drive? I have only one telephone socket downstairs, and have bought an RJ11 extension cable which is plugged into the filter (downstairs socket)then the modem etc as per cd instructions. I hope thats the info u want as i am a novice at computers. thanks, jeanette.

  Slaney 17:51 21 Oct 2004

Don't forget a microfilter on your burglar alarm (if you have one).

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