broadband problem?

  [DELETED] 10:53 27 Dec 2003

i don't have the BT line and as I in hostel and want to take broadband, i don't inderstand which to take as all the major companies has denied. kindly somebody suggests which to tak either broad band or dial up.i need to dial 9 before dialling any outside line.

  Forum Editor 10:59 27 Dec 2003

via any kind of internal telephone system that requires you to dial a prefix before you can access a line you won't be able to get a broadband connection. Such a service requires the main line to be reconfigured, and you must be the BT line subscriber before you can order it.

You can use a dial up connection in the normal way, just set your dial up connection configuration so that it dials 9 before the rest of the ISP's access number.

Don't forget to put a comma (,) after the 9 so that Windows pauses before dialling out - otherwise you'll find that your computer tries to dial before you have an external line access.

  [DELETED] 00:39 28 Dec 2003

thanku for ur response but my problem is like i cannot change my phone line as i am staying in hostel but i want to have a broad band connection which can work on that line.this line is neither a telwest or ntl line.kindly help.

  [DELETED] 00:44 28 Dec 2003

Hostels have ' puters? This has got to be a wind up. Wot music U nlistening to? Me Pink Fairies. Yes.

  [DELETED] 00:52 28 Dec 2003

Morning VoG! ;o)

7 You will have to talk to the owner of the Hostel, I assume the phone line is in his/her name. Only they can authorise this for you with a provider. j.

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