Broadband Prices

  Noelg23 16:21 20 Oct 2004

Ok people...I think its time we all told each other how much we shell out for our broadband connection...make sure you state the ISP, the price per month, capped or uncapped(GB usage), whether or not you got a free modem and activation or if you bought your own modem and paid activation. also how long have you had the broadband and whats the service been like overall.

Mine is with a company called Central Point, activation was about £60 (now half price), didnt buy their modem got my own (its BT!), 1Meg uncapped connection at a low price of £25.99 a month and its not a 12month contract, its 3 months and service has been great since I was with them in May 2004. and their email response is brilliant too and they are good in helping customers out. and the speed is just fantastic! :) so no complaints from me so far...

  picklsey 16:32 20 Oct 2004

aol £29.99 a month 1mb.

uncapped no charge for modem or activation.

very few probs with isp.

great download speed.

been with the 1mb b/b for about 9or 10 months.

over all no complaints and providing it stays the same as now no plans to change.

  Dorsai 17:34 20 Oct 2004

£15.99/pcm Tiscali 3x, advertised at 150kbps, but i am sure it runs somwhat faster. someone once posted a link to a speed test site. But i cant remember the addy.

Free modem, but not very good, so got my own.

£25 set up fee.

Happy with it. I gets what i pay for. SO cant complain, and wont.

would recomend to those on a budget, and pages still load nice and fast, much better that dial up.

  jimv7 17:40 20 Oct 2004

F9 £29.99 a month 1mb.

click here

  jimv7 17:43 20 Oct 2004

Sorry wrong address above,

click here

  Friday's Child 17:46 20 Oct 2004

Virgin £24.99 per month - 512Kb - no activation fee - supplied my own modem.

Had it about 6-8 months (not totally sure) - monthly contract

Connection is fine - email support diabolically slow but rarely needed. Telephone to Tech Support is very good but expensive.

  Friday's Child 17:48 20 Oct 2004

Sorry, forgot to say uncapped

  Carpigiani 17:51 20 Oct 2004

F9 £21.99 a month. Monthly contract, 576kbps uncapped. Had this now since January 2003.
Excellent service, Modem & connection cost £90 then. Now much cheaper. Good contention ratio.
No spam from my e-mail account.
Very happy.

  bretsky 17:54 20 Oct 2004

W/Doo 512Kb £17.99 a month with 2Gb download limit, free 330 speedtouch modem with 2xmicrofilters, free activation(because I was with Freeserve dial up)........just upgraded for £20 to 1MB and waiting now for the upgrade to be implimented.....imminent!

12 month min contract, no problems with isp

bretsky ;0)

  norman47 17:59 20 Oct 2004

Aramisca wifi/ satellite broadband click here

2-4Mb download, 512k backhaul. No download or upload restrictions.

Local call, to call out technicians/ helpdesk 24/7

No installation fees

15-1 contention ratio.

£14.99p a here

  georgemac 18:05 20 Oct 2004

wanadoo £17.99 512 kb d/l 2 GB cap (not in force yet) free modem, filters & activation

not going for the upgrade to 1 GB - no point for surfing which is my main activity (and the kids on messenger!)

have used the speedtouch 330 modem driefly when my netgear dg834g router/modem was faulty - modem worked great.

no problems yet

will reassess other offers at the end of the 12 month contract period.

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