broadband prices

  algernonymous 10:21 27 Aug 2004

I was just about to sign up with Pipex for broadband at £15.99 a month, having been advised it was good value, however, I notice it is only 3x dial-up whereas Wanadoo is £17.99 for 20x. Pipex 20x is £28.99 a month. Any advice?

  algernonymous 11:25 28 Aug 2004

I definitely do not want a 12 month contract as I may be moving within 6 mnths so Metronet looked good. However, there is a £56+vat activation charge and they don't provide modem or filters. How cheaply and where can I obtain these?
Basically I'm looking for the cheapest provider over 6 months.
E.g.- VIRGIN- (NO CONTRACT)- 6x 24.99= £150
RABBIT- 3 MNTH CNTRCT- 6x 24.99= £150

  algernonymous 13:39 28 Aug 2004

V21- No cntrct, 19.99 512k; RABBIT 256k- 18.99- free connection,modem.
Anyone got experience of V21 broadband?

  bruno 15:51 28 Aug 2004

I can also recommend Metronet as a very good service, having used them since November. I got my modem from the supplier they recommend on their site, it is an Alcatel Speedtouch 330 and cost about £35.

  algernonymous 20:29 28 Aug 2004

Oh no, another one- Tesco. 512k for £19.99, and it seems they let you change phone number.

  algernonymous 22:23 08 Sep 2004

V21 512k, no limit, now costs £16.99 with £69 activation fee, no contract. Tempting.

  algernonymous 21:42 25 Sep 2004

V21 is £9.99 till 31.10.04 for first 2 months, then £14.99. (512k, no limit, 69.95 activation, £14.99 for usb modem.) They're coming down!

  algernonymous 21:46 25 Sep 2004

Sorry, it should read:
V21 is £9.99 till 31.10.04 for first 2 months, then £16.99. (512k, no limit, £69.99 activation, £16.99 for usb modem). But they're still coming down!

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