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  algernonymous 10:21 27 Aug 2004

I was just about to sign up with Pipex for broadband at £15.99 a month, having been advised it was good value, however, I notice it is only 3x dial-up whereas Wanadoo is £17.99 for 20x. Pipex 20x is £28.99 a month. Any advice?

  Gongoozler 10:29 27 Aug 2004

Pipex 3x is clearly a response to the similar service from Tiscali. In a recent news report regarding the 20x Wanadoo deal it was suggested that this would be the beginning of a broadband price war. I am using Tiscali 3x mainly because the reason I wanted ADSL was to free up the telephone line but it definitely isn't real broadband. Wanadoo is big enough to be able to survive a price war, so my advice would be to sign up for a years contract for their 20x deal and review the situation at the end of that year.

  pj123 10:30 27 Aug 2004

Wanadoo BB prices have download limits (as do lots of others). click here and scroll down a bit and click on the "What does this mean?" link.

AOL are doing 256kbps (5 times faster) for £19.99 with no download limit. I am on NTL cable at 750kbps for £25 per month also no download limit.

Also check here

  mbp 10:30 27 Aug 2004

Read the fine print. If it meets with your requirements and you trust the supplier, then that is it!

  pj123 10:33 27 Aug 2004

Sorry, forgot the second link it is click here

  Texas Bill 10:53 27 Aug 2004

I use Metronet pay as go, it`s the tops. Go to
click here

  Dipso 23:46 27 Aug 2004

...don't go for a 12 month contract. Broadband prices are changing radically at the moment and I've seen so many posts, here and elsewhere from people who have signed up for a deal, only to find prices are slashed within days and they are locked into a 12 month contract and can't do anything about it.

I'm also with Metronet. They are definitely worth checking out (3 month contract also).

  Meshuga 08:05 28 Aug 2004

I agree with Texas Bill and Dipso. I`m with metronet too and no problems.

  algernonymous 11:25 28 Aug 2004

I definitely do not want a 12 month contract as I may be moving within 6 mnths so Metronet looked good. However, there is a £56+vat activation charge and they don't provide modem or filters. How cheaply and where can I obtain these?
Basically I'm looking for the cheapest provider over 6 months.
E.g.- VIRGIN- (NO CONTRACT)- 6x 24.99= £150
RABBIT- 3 MNTH CNTRCT- 6x 24.99= £150

  algernonymous 13:39 28 Aug 2004

V21- No cntrct, 19.99 512k; RABBIT 256k- 18.99- free connection,modem.
Anyone got experience of V21 broadband?

  Dipso 14:56 28 Aug 2004

...a 1 month contract, then as far as I am aware, Virgin are the only ones that offer this but they make the fee back with the higher monthly fee.

Although Metronet charge for activation, depending on your usage, you could cover the cost of activation in a few months like I did.

As for modems, there are plenty of new/nearly new ones on Ebay, for example
click here in fact there is one that finishes at 17.54 today that is only up to £1.20, bargain! (Just make sure you get the filters included...)

If you want to know whether Rabbit or V21 are any good, take a look click here for any posts relating to them.


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