broadband or IE7 problem??

  Grambo 15:11 23 Jun 2007

XP home
Orange broadband 2 meg package, speedtouch modem

Been having an issue with my broadband seemingly disconnecting. I say this because even if i couldnt connect to a web page my modem lights both green, the online icon was in system tray. So pc is telling me that im connected but IE could not connect. I could not download security updates either for same reason. I got onto orange tech support and after a few diagnostic tests they said that all was ok their end (which made sense re modem and icon) and that IE is corrupt and to get onto my PC vendor (?) to uninstall reinstall IE. This is intermittant problem, at least every day now. Guess im asking if i can reinstall IE7 myself and if anyone has had similar experience

  Jak_1 13:15 24 Jun 2007

I think it may be a problem with the servers, I get this on the odd occasion. All I do is disconnect and re-connect and that seems to solve the problem. It does not happen very often. I have more of a problem with the orange smtp server with mails waiting to be sent, sometimes have to wait up to 5 mins before the server will connect and accept the mails.

  Alf58 13:22 24 Jun 2007

I am with Bt and sometimes get the same problem: The router says it is connected, all the right lights are on but you cant get on line. I think it has something to do with the exchange but of course you get no sense out of BT technical help in Mumbai who just tell you there is no fault.

This is a fairly recent thing for BT, I've only noticed it in the last 4 or 5 days. Just another symptom of the deterioration in BT's standard of service which at one time was excellent: the fact it is behaving like the notorious Orange broadband says it all.

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