broadband only works when telphone reciever off

  armacomroll 15:04 01 May 2006

my broadband connection only works with the telephone reciever off the hook. when I replace the reciever I lose the connection.BT says my line is clear and I am trying to get help from the supplier but these bank holidays don't help. Has anyone experiencd this and if so whats the solution

  Stuartli 15:22 01 May 2006

You do have an ADSL splitter/filter on the phone line socket?

  armacomroll 15:34 01 May 2006

yes I have fitted new filters and a new cable but this doesn't help.Everything was working ok until a fortnignt ago when the conection stopped working properly then stopped working altogether. I then found out that the modem connected when I was using my phone and that seems to be the only way to connect now when the reciever is off

  [DELETED] 15:35 01 May 2006

Back to basics, you must connect at the master socket with all extns wiring disconnected, if the problem still exists it's a BT line fault, if it's ok there then your own extn wiring is at fault.

  armacomroll 15:46 01 May 2006

doesn't work tried it and BT has tedted the line twice

  armacomroll 15:47 01 May 2006

doesn't work tried it and BT has tested the line twice

  [DELETED] 15:48 01 May 2006

Sounds like the modem is bust, do you have a friend who could lend you theirs?

  armacomroll 15:55 01 May 2006

can try but will their modem work with my supplier if just plugged in or will I need to enter a password or anything
would still welcome other thoughts on this until I try to find another modem

  Stuartli 15:58 01 May 2006

Have you tried reinstalling the modem drivers?

  [DELETED] 16:02 01 May 2006

If the modem is the same type, then just try a swap

  armacomroll 16:12 01 May 2006

I'm using a BiPAC 7402VGP Voip/802.11g ADSL2+ Route. No driver was needed or supplied. This was PC Advisor prize I won in the December magazine competiton. 12 months subscription to freedom2surf plus router etc so I haven't used the modem 2 months yet.All filters were provided and I had no problem with connection initionally

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