broadband only connects when phone is in use

  laurieballard 16:05 20 Dec 2005

I have 512kb tiscali broadband and it only connects when the phone is off the hook and in use. If i hangup the phone it drops out and to connect i need to take the reciever off the phone and place it on the desk beside the phone. This is a problem becuase i cannot recieve and phone calls when on the net. I phoned bt and there was not fault and i phoned tiscali and they tested the line with no problems and couldnt help me. Its only just started doing this and i have changed microfilters and swapped all lead around ect and even changed the phone with no avail.

please help



  Jazzy James 16:32 20 Dec 2005

Make sure you've plugged into the master phone socket, swapped the ADSL microfilter and unpluged every device that plugs into the phone line.

they should not fobb you off with such an obvious line connection problem.
good luck!

  keewaa 16:43 20 Dec 2005

This sounds like a microfilter problem. This can happen if a microfilter is missing. As well as phones, check for alarm system & sky and anything else connected to the phone. Any home extensions / adaptors being used, as they could degrade the signal.

Can you unplug EVERYTHING (all phones, faxes etc) from the phone line and move the computer & modem to the master socket nearest where the line comes into the house (with microfilter) and see if it still has problems. If it works then it's an issue within your house, either wiring or microfilter.

  PaulB2005 16:46 20 Dec 2005

Or if you have too many things on the line. How many phones, faxes, Sky Digital boxes to you have on the line?

  laurieballard 16:48 20 Dec 2005

microfilter is plugged into main phone socket (we only have the main one), one telephone is plugged into the microfilter (not-cordless) and the modem is plugged into the other port on the microfilter, i have no sky or anthing else connected to phone line

  PaulB2005 16:50 20 Dec 2005

Have you tried swapping the phone? Can you borrow a neighbours?

How many Microfilters have you tried?

  laurieballard 16:52 20 Dec 2005

tried swapping the phone as we have another one, have always had problems with broadband, it worked ok before but when the telephone rang it dropped out. I put up with this but now it only works when the phone is in use.

  laurieballard 16:58 20 Dec 2005

Tried using the other microfilter that came with it

  keewaa 22:49 21 Dec 2005

Are you able to try another modem, as it may be a faulty modem? It just sounds more like a problem of some kind within the house, rather than a line problem.

  kro 23:32 21 Dec 2005

I had some strange problems with Tiscali's modem/software. The connection would be dropped for nor reason I could determine and then was unable to re-establish it again without rebooting. I only had this problem with for a day because I gave-up on Tiscali's product and went back to using my previous ISP's modem.

If you're able to borrow a different modem give it try.

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