Broadband not up to speed, is the pc at fault

  Leslie-212488 10:24 01 Jan 2005

i have a 500mhz P3, running win98se, with 256Mb ram and 2Gig of free HDD.
have just had broadband installed the 256KBits/sec, motorola adsl modem using a USB 1.1 connector. i have just upgraded to AVG 7.and whilst downloading i noticed the rate displayed was only 31KB/sec. that is saving to a folder.
is that about average for this BB speed.? do i need to contact Telewest about it. the day and time was today, at 0800 hrs. By the way the BB sig is Coming off the sig for the TV via a splitter.What do you think?

  LeadingMNMs 10:27 01 Jan 2005

That download speed seems reasonable to me. The speed that you have is never the speed that you can download at.

I have 512 and have downloads between 50 and 70 kB/s, which is comparable to your speeds.

The fact that you use a splitter should make no difference to the connect.

  [email protected] 10:34 01 Jan 2005

some sites are slower than others splitters are essential for good connection stops the phone from crackling you should have a splitter on each phoine connection try telewest member centre should be a speed check somewhere in there My ISP click here does have a speed icon in its member centre works for me

  octal 10:38 01 Jan 2005

I'm on 300k BB and for your reference these are my speeds:

1st 128K took 3681 ms = 35608 Bytes/sec = approx 296 kbits/sec

2nd 128K took 3740 ms = 35046 Bytes/sec = approx 292 kbits/sec

3rd 128K took 3509 ms = 37353 Bytes/sec = approx 311 kbits/sec

4th 128K took 3637 ms = 36038 Bytes/sec = approx 300 kbits/sec

  2neat 10:43 01 Jan 2005

erm 8 bits to a byte so 31x8=248 64x8=512 and so on. Nothing wrong wiv your speed m8.

  Mikè 10:44 01 Jan 2005

Here is a reliable speed test click here

  Leslie-212488 11:03 01 Jan 2005

i was getting my KB and Kbits mixed up.
256 BB= 256 Kbps which = 32KB/sec
My download speed = 30.9KB/sec which is almost the rated 256Kbps, speed. sorted!

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