Broadband niggles - any advice?

  [DELETED] 20:41 08 Aug 2003

I have recently upgraded to Freeserve Broadband. Whilst I am generally pleased with the extra speed (especially on Windows XP updates) I have a few niggles:

Why is it on some pages some of the pictures don't show, only their placeholders? I right click 'show picture' and it appears. This never happened with my old dial up connection!

When I try to watch video news from the BBCi site, most of the time I receive an error message saying realplayer can't find the server. Surely the server can't be out of commision every time I try.

When I use Outlook Express for newsgroups sometimes the system 'hangs' when I click on a post as though it can't download it. Pressing escape clears it. Other posts I can read. The size of the posts doesn't seem to matter. Again, this never happened with dial up.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted. Thanks

  hugh-265156 21:15 08 Aug 2003

in internet explorer click tools/internet options/advanced and make sure show pictures box is ticked.

update realone player. preferences/check for update i think(guessing as i dont have installed at the moment)

i dont use newsgroups sorry.

  [DELETED] 21:31 08 Aug 2003

The current issue of Computeractive Mag (No 143) states on Page 87 in answer to a letter that "Red crosses can appear when I.E. fills its temporary internet files. To fix your system start I.E. and select internet options from tools menu. Under the "Temporary Internet Files" box click the "Delete Files" button and then the OK button. Next time you connect to the internet all the images should load. If the problem returns you need to up the space allocated to temp internet files by adjusting the slider for amount of disk space to use.

  [DELETED] 09:36 10 Aug 2003

Thank you

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