HIGHLAND GUY 21:03 23 Oct 2004

Hi folks,i had a previous post about which broadband supplier to go for i had a lot of good advice so i'm hoping for some answers to yet more broadband questions. 1.I run a telephone extension lead from master phone socket to p.c for dial-up at the moment then dial-up modem lead from surge protected power outlet to p.c my question is can the phone extension lead still be used to get broadband from master phone socket to broadband modem beside p.c or do i need to run a new type of cable for this purpose also is one micro filter at master phone socket all that is required to prevent noise on voice line many thanks in advance.

  kev.Ifty 21:07 23 Oct 2004


  TomJerry 21:09 23 Oct 2004

But this way, you need at least two set microfilter (you can get from ebuyer (not Ebay) for a pound).

Near PC, microfilter link to PC, you can have a phone here. On master microfilter for all other Phone communication.

But, do not put one microfilter after another.

  Meshuga 21:10 23 Oct 2004

I use the same extension cable for BB as I used for dialup, no problem. You need one filter in every phone socket that has a phone plugged in .Once you are on BB do not leave your dialup cable plugged xcept if you need to use it. With it plugged in while using BB you can still get nasties into yor pc. Meshuga.

  HIGHLAND GUY 21:18 23 Oct 2004

Let me get this right 1 microfilter at phone master, do i still need one at p.c if i dont have a phone there? Is broadband connectors on phone lead just the same as phone type then since i can use existing extension i'm a bit confused about the connectivity setup for broadband any more info would be gratefully received thanks again everyone.

  TomJerry 21:59 23 Oct 2004

A microfilter (spliter) has two connection sockets, one for data (digital) communication (high frequency) one for voice/fax (anologe) communcation (low frequency).

Any equiment (be a PC's BB modem, a phone, a fax) connect to phone network through one and only one microfilter (directly or indirectly). The difference is data comm plug into data comm socket and voice comm plug into voice comm socket. Two sockets are different, you cannot get it wrong even you want to.

If you want cheap microfilter, you can get it for £1.25 click here

  Noelg23 23:11 23 Oct 2004

if your using an ext cable and you want broadband to work...leave the ext cable in the main socket then put one filter on the end of that ext cable with the phone and modem in that filter...I will be honest now I wouldnt use the phone socket in the surge protector it doesnt always guarantee the connection to work...I should know I use to work at BT broadband and we came across customers using remember ext cable in master socket then filter then phone and modem...

  kev.Ifty 23:44 23 Oct 2004

When i changed to BB from dialup i needed some rs232 male to female adapters(or was it female to male?) ;-) sorry.

I can't remember the exact combination of adapters i needed ( you would probably loose the will to live if i could).

What are they called? Basically they reduce the size of the standard plug at the end of your telephone extension lead to the size that fits in the modem......

Micro filter plugs into wall socket/phone plugs into micro filter/extention plugs into other socket in micro filter.... erm no. need the reducing adapter thingy.

it's all good fun.

Good luck Kev.

  rômanab 23:59 23 Oct 2004
  Hamish 09:48 24 Oct 2004

Try this site. It is very here

  olyman 19:47 12 Nov 2004

My phone master socket has single cordless DECT phone. An extension line fitted by BT is connected internally. This extension line is used for another phone and for my computer dial up connection. The dial up connection is via a long DIY line with an intermediate socket close to the computer. This has a double socket for a phone but is not used for anything other than the computer. Reading Hamish's link I thought that filters at the two phone connections and connecting the modem from the intermediate socket in the DIY extension would suffice for broadband. However romanab's link says that telephone extension cable is not good enough.Will I really have to reinstall my computer extension cable by 6m RJ11 cable. This would be a real pain. Is it worth trying without?

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