Broadband Networking

  snowy30 01:32 20 Oct 2004

Just for the sake of curiosity...

Well I be able to connect a new compter using Windows XP directly to ntl broadband via ethernet connection, and hook up a computer using Windows 98 wirelessly to the cable modem by way of USB?

  georgemac 07:35 20 Oct 2004

not unless you have a wireless access point or router

or fit a wireless pci card in the pc with the NTL ethernet connection and then you would have to enable Internet Connection Sharing - I think - can you give a little bit more detail - assume your ethernet connection goes straight to the cable modem?

  georgemac 07:36 20 Oct 2004

and assuming you want to use a wireless usb adapter on the w98 pc? I suppose you could always use a 2nd wireless usb adapter on the main machine also to network the 2 pc's

  Schopenhauer 10:55 20 Oct 2004

This subject also interests me, I have a NTL Ethernet connection, but my PC is running Win98.
I would like to share the Internet with my laptop running XP.

If I understand correctly, all that is needed is a wireless card in the PC and the laptop, is that right?

I would welcome a pointer to any tutorials on this matter. I have tried some via the search facility here and elsewhere, but they seem to require some prior knowledge. I need very basic info, what kit to buy, what plugs into what, etc.

  woodt 11:52 20 Oct 2004

The tutorial in XP help and Support are pretty good; otherwise this site covers most things click here

  Daveson 12:30 20 Oct 2004

I only have a laptop and will be connecting to broadband very soon. Can i have it set up this way :

Microfilters into the phone line.
Modem into the microfilters.
Wireless Router into the modem.
Wireless PCMCIA card pluged into the laptop.

Is this right ? or does the modem need to be connected into the laptop ?

Sorry for hijacking your post m8.


  snowy30 18:03 20 Oct 2004

And George, I was thinking about directly connecting the cable modem to the wXP pc by way of ethernet connection as both the pc and modem obviously has ethernet ports, and link the modem directly to a wireless usb adapater, a router or an access point and another conected to the w98 pc...or do they both need to be connected to both PCs?

  georgemac 18:16 20 Oct 2004

I don't know about NTL cable modem setup

modem to xp pc with ethernet connection is absolutely fine - will connect no probs

link the modem to a wireless usb adapter? I did not think this was possible

connect the xp pc to a wireless router or access point with an rj45 (ethernet) cable and the modem to the router should work fine I think (wait for others to confirm)

if you take the router/access point option then the 98 pc can have a usb/pci wireless adapter and connect to the router/acccess point.

without a router or wireless access point, both pc's would need to have a pci/usb wireless adapter and they would share the internet connection of the xp machine, which means the 98 pc would only have net access when the xp machine is on.

with a router the 98 pc would have net access when the xp pc is off as long as there is power to the modem/router

again wait for others to confirm, I have little experience here - I use a router with a built in adsl modem and a usb wireless adaptor on the other pc.

  georgemac 18:19 20 Oct 2004

I think connecting the modem to the router should be fine and what you intend should be OK

click here good site with some good links

  Daveson 18:30 20 Oct 2004

cheers for the link.

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