broadband modems

  yaesu 16:24 30 Nov 2005

Hi folks, I'm about to update my pc. Would anything be gained by changing my speedtouch usb modem for a pci card type please. OS W2000;ISP BTYahoo 2meg. System AMD2600+ with 512 ram. Second question (sorry!) should I change to XP home at the same time? W2000 hasn't been a problem, so far!
Thanks, yaesu

  woodchip 16:33 30 Nov 2005

This is what I got but also got a Laptop card at the same time so I could use it wireless. Built in Firewall etc click here

  reclaimjack 16:38 30 Nov 2005

if u want to change then get a router it will free up a usb port and it connects to your network port and you will have a firewall built in it, plus then when you want to connect a new comp you have the network space plus its always on and you lose all that dial up pain in the neck

  reclaimjack 16:40 30 Nov 2005

wireless 3com 11g firewalled routers here £15 click here but its an auction place read it propper as some is new and some is not

  ade.h 16:40 30 Nov 2005

I use a PCI ADSL modem (a Zoom) but it is a matter of limited space around the PC and (at the time) a lack of USB ports. Rather than buy a USB card and external modem I got just one item instead. It was cheaper that way.

However, I can't see any advantage to you replacing an external modem with a PCI modem, unless you want the ADSL line connection to be closed when no-one is logged into the PC. As far as I know, USB modems stay active. My Zoom modem only establishes the line when someone logs in. This is entirely seperate from the ISP connection obviously. If you cut your ISP connection when you're not using it, I can see no need for you to change anything.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:44 30 Nov 2005

I'd stick with Win2k if you are happy with it - I like it and from once I got the correct drivers for it, it runs very stable for me. It has a lot of the xp advantages without being too heavy on resources.

  yaesu 18:39 30 Nov 2005

Thanks folks, yaesu

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