Broadband Modem Woes...

  brian-284840 17:25 23 Oct 2004

The tale is too long to relate,but I'm trying to
reinstall new drivers for AOL BB,but before I can do that I need to remove the old one, but which ever option I use to remove old one even with
advice from AOL can't get rid of said,so the question is would it be better to reinstall windows which I have done before for other reasons
or format HD? which I have'nt done before and have no idea how to,all suggestions would be much appreciated.My OS is Win ME,AOL have even supplied with a brand new up to date modem.

Thanks for all replys. Sf.

  Noelg23 17:45 23 Oct 2004

now that you mention you have WinME it would probably be a good idea to format the hard drive and reinstall windows all over again. sounds like the drivers and the PC are not being good friends at the moment. I would have asked what methods did you use to uninstall the old drivers so you can install the new ones? but I take it even AOL have you taken thru every possible route to uninstall the modem drivers. only thing I can think of is to make sure you BACK UP important files before formatting the hard drive..

  Diemmess 18:27 23 Oct 2004

I sympathise with you not wanting to detail the whole sorry tale, so I hope that this might 'ring a bell' and save you a lot of re-installing.

I'm assuming that Aol (version 9) WAS working properly until the modem went haywire?

You should be able to uninstall the modem in control panel add/remove programs.

Then, and this is the slow bit, pop the BB installation disk in the slot and put up with the very slow plod through all the explanations.
VERY IMPORTANT: Do check all the filters and wiring and DO NOT CONNECT the RJ11 cable to the modem until the software asks for it.

It might be an idea to leave the old modem cable disconnected while you install BB. In fact don't bother to reconnect that one, unless you want a Fax facility or the old bulletin board type of connection.

  brian-284840 10:41 24 Oct 2004

Nogelg23 /Diemmess
Thanks for the reply,to answer the questions,I have tried add/remove even download Regseeker to see if that would work,cause someone suggested I could removeit from registry that did not work either.Also yes I am running Aol 9,and the steps
suggested I have tried but still no joy,thats why I need to know which of the two options would be best, as an aside it was all working ok for months
prior to problems,followed all the installion steps as of 1st time, so next to chucking it out window,at a lost so formatting would seemes the way to go,but I've never attempted this before,so how do one go about doing this?
Thanks Again..

  Diemmess 11:15 24 Oct 2004

Format and re-install is the ultimate weapon!

(A forlorn hope that uninstalling and re-installing AOL as well as the BT Voyager Modem might win the day)

Format certainly clears everything, good bad and indifferent. This is where a good "image file" of your o/s saved from happier days really saves all the format and reinstallation labour.

Assuming that such a file doesn't exist then there are standard recommendations for things-to-do before the moment of Format.

1) Make sure you have the ME CD, drivers for the motherboard components (integrated sound or graphics).

2) Installation CDs for all your applications.

3) Safe copies of any downloaded applications you might want to re-install. Data - all your personal stuff documents, music, or photos. These can be stored on another partition, or HD, or CD if you have only one hard drive.

Then it is time to consider juggling partitions to suit if your primary hard disk no longer contains anything you want to save.

I've rattled on enough. If you have prepared properly, you now have the chance to install a shiny new system which should run well.

Partitioning using FDISK then FORMAT, or better still a proprietory like Partition Magic (which will do both for you) have been described in this forum time and again. Search or ask for help, someone will indicate a link, Once started you don't need luck so much as patience, but good luck anyway.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:23 24 Oct 2004

1. Backup anything important

2. Make sure you have all the drivers for your motherboard vga -sound ide drivers / modem / graphics card / card reader / USB etc.

3. Make sure you have a windows ME boot disk. (can be made in control panel)

4. Make sure PC 1ST boot from floppy in BIOS (does floppy drive run when you first switch on)

Now your set up

5. Insert boot disk and reboot PC floppy will run and give you a menu select "start with CDRom support". itn will tell you it has move the name ofthe CD drive back one letter (d:\ to e:\)

6. Eventually you wil get A:
7. Type format c:\ (this will wipe your hard drives C partion where windows is stored or all the drive if it hasn't been partioned)

8. On completion at the A:\ type e:\ prss enter(e: being the letter of your CD drive)

9. at E:\ type setup -press enter to reinstall windows Me follow the windows prompts.

  brian-284840 15:17 24 Oct 2004

After I've rubbed my eyes and clear my mind I shall attempt to tackle that lot if I can get my head around it ,plus the time at some point in the week.I'll update later.

Thanks for now and the input.


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