Broadband Modem USB V PCI?

  mtwollet 11:02 18 Oct 2004

I'm on my second USB modem (sagem fast 800) from Tiscali - I'm sure I read somewhere thst USB modems are not very good anyway (I keep getting USB bandwidth errors ), would I be better buying a PCI internal ADSL modem and if so what sort of spec would I be looking for.
I am on XP and my broadband is 256 Bps ( or will be when the modem arrives , I'm on dial up at the minute).Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  PsiFox 11:07 18 Oct 2004

An internal PCI modem will always be better than a USB, you may not notice the diffence though.

Remember though that the USB modems drain very close to the max output from a USB port for power so if you have several USB devices you may wish to consider a powered hub for the rest(modem should be direct into pc.


  spuds 11:19 18 Oct 2004

Tiscali supply two types of modem,the Sagem [email protected] 800 and the Thomson/Alcetal SpeedTouch 330. The SpeedTouch is a little more thirsty for power, but on the whole both units work okay.

Tiscali supplied me with both modems due to constant drop-out problems, and their recommendations covered installing a PCI to help combat the problem. In the case of the SpeedTouch, there is a 'minor'problem via motherboards with a SIS/ALI chipset.

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