Broadband modem and surge protector

  christmascracker 17:18 06 Sep 2003

I am going on broadband on wednesday and after reading the recent thread on surge protectors made me wonder how I am going to connect modem to my surge protector. It has a phone socket but it's fot the normal BT phone socket.

Is there any way around this or have I missed something really obvious!



  graham√ 17:28 06 Sep 2003

Easy! Connect the surge protector to the phone socket, the modem to the surge protector.

No, you have not missed anything obvious, just that you will need to buy a surge protector with RJ11 inputs/outputs. B&Q are selling 8 way protectors with RJ11, BT and Coax (TV) sockets for £30.00 or so. you may need to buy additional leads though.

  christmascracker 17:33 06 Sep 2003

The socket on the surge protector is for the normal BT line, The modem has a RJ11 socket so it wont fit

  graham√ 17:40 06 Sep 2003

Sorry, plug an ADSL filter into the surge protector, then plug the modem into the filter. You can get an adaptor to do the same job.

  christmascracker 17:45 06 Sep 2003

Thanks guys - problem sorted

Disagree - I have just brought one!!!

  Djohn 17:59 06 Sep 2003

Smiffy99, Must admit, your is the best option and the one I took as well. The fewer connections the better, and using adaptors tends to interfere with connections at times, also trying to fit 2 adaptors into a standard Power socket with the phone sockets is a tight fit. j.

  spuds 18:24 06 Sep 2003

Surge protecter with modem socket for £11.49 click here Quote code D12394-72. It comes with a £3000 insurance warranty. Great purchase, just bought one, and now ordered another.

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