Broadband 'Modem' sharing

  nick35 19:13 02 Feb 2005

I have bt broadband on one computer & would like to share it on a second one.

Rather than buying a router, if I buy a second modem will the connection work on both computers at the same time


  Charence 19:16 02 Feb 2005

I don't think it'll work.

What you could do is network the computers and they will be able to share the internet connection.


Take a look at click here for some equipment

  mattyc_92 19:17 02 Feb 2005

NO... The idea of a "router" or "internet hub" is to allow the sharing of one line... If you have more than 2 modems, then chances are that your line can't take the "strain" and you have to use one modem at any given time.... (you may damage your conection speed doing this)

  bremner 19:18 02 Feb 2005

I also think that with two modems you would have to pay for two connections.

  Hamish 19:23 02 Feb 2005

Install the software on both computers and plug in the modem to whatever one you wish to use. I have a USB modem and swap it onto my laptop at times

  Mikè 20:59 02 Feb 2005

If both your pc's have ethernet ports all you need is a crossover cable click here

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