Broadband and min. spec.

  cara 22:15 22 Oct 2003

BT Network Broadband - minimum spec is 5mg (?) HD and 32 RAM.

My sisters laptop is 4.55 HD, but only 3.55 free and 28 RAM. It has an AMD K6 (tm) 3d process.

she is only able to get to the 'gateway' page. It is obviously underspec but would this spec account for all the problems or could something else be amiss? If she is able, what is the cheapest way to upgrade to enable broadband. (she is currently subscribing, but unable to get any benefit!).

  ©®@$ђ 22:23 22 Oct 2003

i imagine that the spec is the problem.upgrading a laptop can be expensive, especially with old one and that is not the only problem getting the parts is the reel problem.

either get a system that is suitable for broadband or cancel the account, as even if the computer only just meets the minimum specification,then she will still not be able to enjoy the full benefit of broadband

the cheapest way would be to ditch the laptop for a suitable desktop, you can get a suitable desktop quick enough for broadband for under £300

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