broadband metering

  _clive_ 17:43 22 Jun 2005

I'm considering upgrading my broadband connection but there seems to be a limit on monthly data useage volumes with most ISP's.
Is there a bit of software i can download to measure the amount of data transfer i'm using at the moment so i can judge which would be the right package for me?

  pj123 17:56 22 Jun 2005

Who is your Broadband supplier at the moment?

  octal 17:56 22 Jun 2005

Here's a couple, but I've found every one I've used to be pretty useless because not only do they record our own personal usage, but they record all the background broadcast traffic as well.

click here

click here

I've yet to find one that records just what you use both on Windows and Linux.

  _clive_ 18:00 22 Jun 2005

Hi pj123
I'm currently with Direct-IP (used to be GoADSL i think?)

  _clive_ 18:02 22 Jun 2005

Hi octal
Thanks for you mean you don't know of a program that will just record my own useage...what is the backgroung traffic?

  octal 18:03 22 Jun 2005

I'll show you what background traffic is after I've had my dinner.

Try Netmeter and you'll see.

  _clive_ 18:09 22 Jun 2005

thanks octal

  octal 18:43 22 Jun 2005

This is a sceenshot of just over 2 seconds monitoring click here

The traffic is what is going on in the background, even when you're not using the internet, because if you have a network card and the computer is switched on it will be connected all the time, I supose the only way around that would be to have a modem you can turn off, that defeats the object of "always on"

All that traffic is harmless, it's mostly my ISP asking "who is connected?" and "What is your serial number?" the network card will reply with its serial number so the ISP knows you are connected.

The trouble is all this background buzz is recorded on network monitors, because that's what they do, at the moment I haven't found a way to eliminate that traffic rather than block it, if you block it the ISP thinks you are not on line, which = no internet, catch 22.

  _clive_ 19:09 22 Jun 2005

wow! thats a lot of data...i wonder if this is a lrge enough volume to seriously affect any data transfer allowance?

  octal 19:32 22 Jun 2005

Its not a large volume in real terms, each packet is only a few tens of Bytes each which roughly equates to 1 to 6KBit/s. On a 1MB BB you wouldn't notice, but it does rack up your perceived usage. Since about 17:30 till now I've got 17.30MB received and 2.15MB out showing on my Net Monitor, that's just using this site! So it seems a nonsense trying to calculate usage over a month.

  bruno 22:33 22 Jun 2005

I use Tautology Bandwidth here

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