Broadband medic Error PSAPI.DLL.

  birdface 14:26 16 Oct 2006

Hi, Decided to try IE7 again,Comes up with same fault, The procedure point get proccessing image filename W could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL. I know you can get rid of the pop up box everytime you turn your computer on, But the real problem is ,You still cannot get Broadband medic to run,And I really need it ,As I Keep getting cut off the internet,I Am with NTL, And this is there main tool ,to help you get started again.I Know that you can change the PSAPI ,To stop the pop up box.But anything to let you run B/Medic.

  grizzley 14:33 16 Oct 2006

i had broadband medic on my system as well but i deleted it it takes up to much space and is a waste if you still have a problem contact ntl tech support who should be able to help. as for getting cut off do you clean out your system after using that sometimes helps.i used to get cut off but now i am using ethernet cable instead of usb it seems to work better and do not need disc usually to set up.try reinstalling your broadband if that is what you are using.

  birdface 15:26 16 Oct 2006

Hi Grizzley. Fed up contacting ntl support. Everyone gives a different story about the problem.And just say it's probably a Firewall problem, But it has been getting worse lately, Have a little game of poker now and then, just for small amounts, Nothing worse when you have been sitting with a load of rubbish all day, and you eventually get a good hand ,And when you try to bet , you get cut off,Bit frustrating,I think I tried putting the broadband disc in before.And because i had the Lan connection it said I did not need disc, which is just as well because I cant remember all the details which you have to put in.Not got a lot on my computer,So not a lot to clean,But run clean up ,once a week,will probably give them a ring , once the grandaughter comes in from school. Thanks for your help.

  birdface 16:28 16 Oct 2006

Hi,Been on to NTL support,They are going to send an engineer out on wednesday,About why I get cut of the internet so mutch,Was a terrible line,And had a hard job comunicating,I told him about problem With broadband medic, And was told that if i want to run it, I would have to go back to IE6, Is there any NTL customer out there who has IE7. And can still run Broadband Medic.

  birdface 16:38 18 Oct 2006

Ntl So Very helpfull.Never had a clue why I could not Download and use Broadband Medic,Computer not running much better,Still a fault on the repair section,Got a pair of pliers out and cut the plug of the TV Aerial coax,So left with no TV channels at all,Used to have 5 channels ,Not got any now.What a nice company.I think they will be comming again shortly to cut the broadband off,!!!!!!!!!

  birdface 09:19 19 Oct 2006

Hi,Will class this one as solved, If NTL cannot resolve it, I will have to do without it,Was a handy tool For reconnecting you when you were cut of the internet.

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