Broadband live date question, can you help me please?

  Sneeze1 09:03 13 Aug 2013

Hi I hope you can help me? I was with TalkTalk (my last phone bill was £33.45. I wandered into a Carphone Wearhouse shop looking to upgrade my mobile phone, and we got talking about Sky broadband. he signed me up to Sky Unlimited talk anytime (is that the right name for this package?)

Apparently I can use the internet 24/7, and and the landline (not lieterally as ear would fall off!) for £24.50 a month (or did he say year?) and then £29.50 when the offer ends.

They are going to send me a modem and my live date is 20th August. I have had a letter from TalkTalk stating that I need a MAC code otherwise they said my internet wouldn't work.

I am a bit worried about ringing them because the customer services are not very good and they have Indian accents which I cannot understand. My main reason is that they will refuse me this MAC code harraging me to stay with them.

Can you please advise me what I should do please? I thought Sky would be sorting this out.

Many thanks and hope you can help me.

  Sneeze1 10:50 13 Aug 2013

I will ring up Talk Talk and get that MAC code anyway, would you say SKY were good or have I made a terrible mistake?

  Sneeze1 16:44 13 Aug 2013

I rang TalkTalk this morning to try and get the MAC code and got no where! The bloke (Indian) kept rattling on about how shocked he was that I wanted to leave then proceeded to tell me about how another customer left and came back etc etc.

Also asked why I wanted to leave (because your a !"£$% company) No really I said because where I live doesn't support them.

I said (politely) that's very fine but can you give me the MAC code now please? I still got no where and he had the cheek to say I sounded like I was in a hurry! So I politely ended the call and now have to get my Support worker involved, who is making noises about reporting the incident to Offcome.

I have had words with Sky who say TalkTalk are well known for this tactic, and I don't need the MAC code. But I will have a final attempt tomorrow about getting it just in case

  Sneeze1 16:45 13 Aug 2013

What M and S vouchers please and where from?

  Sneeze1 15:30 14 Aug 2013

You have to have the TV and, do it online to get the deal. I am quite happy with my own TV, too many channels with Sky.

I have sorted it out, apparently TalkTalk are being sued and are also being investigated by offcom after the death of a boy after they hindered the emergency services.

Have been told by Sky that my internet will be a bit slow for 10 days whilst they check my broadband speed. Any Sky customers out there that have had this please?

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