Broadband link failing

  thumbscrew 11:29 27 Oct 2011

I'm with Talk Talk...ex Tiscali and for the past few days, whenever my computer has been idle for some time (Say overnight), when I boot up- I have a connection box that has to be clicked to start the Broadband-after a few minutes the connection drops and a small box appears with the message..."Link to Tiscali Broadband failed, reconnection in 50 seconds...49...48 etc, then it usually reconnects or, if not I can redial and it comes back on. I still use a USB Modem. Can anyone advise please?

  northumbria61 12:04 27 Oct 2011

There's 2 things here for you to check or for you to search further on Talk Talk Help -

enter link description here

enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:06 27 Oct 2011

Sorry this is the 2nd LINK enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:08 27 Oct 2011

See here -

Why am I getting Intermittent Disconnections?

When your modem / router is unable to maintain a constant connection with the Broadband equipment in your local exchange you will suffer from Intermittent Disconnections.

This particular fault is often the result of either:

Incorrect physical set up.
A line fault (including high noise levels).
Equipment failure (modem/filter).
Outside Interference.

The following is a list of items that have been found to interfere with broadband signals:

Halogen lamps.
Fluorescent lights.
900 MHz cordless phones.
Some Mobile Phones.
AM or Home Built Radios.
Dial Up Modem, Fax, or other non standard device on the telephone line.
Microwave oven.
Broadband modems connected to telephone extension cables.
House security/Alarm system.
The PC or peripheral devices (scanners, external drives etc.) if the modem is located on top of or directly beside these devices.
Central heating thermostats.
Christmas tree lights (yes really!)

With this particular issue it is important to note if you actually lose the broadband signal when the connection drops, the loss of the broadband signal is indicated by a flashing or completely absent DSL light on the modem / router.

It’s also worth trying to see if there is any pattern to the connection dropping, such as occurring at a particular time of day, the frequency and the duration, as these may help identify the cause of the issues.

If you get intermittently disconnected but your DSL light remains solid then it's just the connection between your PC and the modem / router that is dropping and not the broadband connection. This can often be something simple like Idle Settings.

There are other checks and tests you can carry out.


Test that your phone line is working OK by checking for a dial tone. If your phone does not have a dial tone this indicates a telephony problem which should be reported to BT directly on 151. Interference may be caused if you use cordless phones so make sure that the cordless' base unit is connected via a DSL filter also.

  northumbria61 12:11 27 Oct 2011

it usually reconnects or, if not I can redial and it comes back on

Just to verify - are you on Dial-Up and what is your O.S. ?

  thumbscrew 12:29 27 Oct 2011

Thanks Northumbria, I'm using XP and it's not dial up, but to connect to Broadband a connection box appears and it has to be clicked to connect on line. As I stated it seems to occur when the computer has been switched off for some time, such as overnight.... or today when I return from work later this evening.

  northumbria61 12:39 27 Oct 2011

Follow the checks in my 1st LINK to UNCHECK Disconnect if Idle for 20 minutes.

  spuds 16:11 27 Oct 2011

The problem appears to be the same as to what you would expect by still using a dial-up procedure for connection to the internet.

What I would suggest is that you contact Talk Talk technical support, who will talk you through the necessary methods to connect. I have had similar problems in the past, and the broadband technical support team made life far better, and it only took about 15 minutes!.

The technical support is an 0871 number (possibly 0871 222 3311), which should now be free to Tiscali/TalkTalk broadband and telephone account holders.

  Sea Urchin 17:16 27 Oct 2011

It's worth checking Control Panel - Internet Options and select Connections tab. Make sure Never Dial a Connection is selected - click Apply and OK.

  thumbscrew 18:24 27 Oct 2011

Thanks all: Northumbria, I followed your IE link but it doesn't reveal "Disconnect if idle for 20 minutes" as it states. I'm sure it's not that though, as it drops out after a couple of minutes after booting up. Sea Urchin, checked that and "Never dial a connection" is ticked. Spuds, I am on broadband, it's just that a connection box appears which needs to be clicked for connection....been ok for years until now. Phoning their Helpline...ooooohh, I've done that on many occasions and, each time I vowed never again. Usually hanging on for ridiculous amounts of time before they answer...time by the way which is costing you! Last occasion a few weeks ago when we had an email outtage cost me £7.00 before I was even connected to one of their Indian staff!! Thanks for your advice but I can't really see if they removed my connection box (I didn't think that was possible) how that would solve my disconnections.

  cocteau48 19:12 27 Oct 2011

If you are with TalkTalk all your calls to them should be free.

Once you get through to them ask for your problem to be escalated to second line tech support - that should get you referred to a "non-Asian" call centre.

The other avenue worth following is to log onto their members forum enter link description hereand post your problem there.

They can be very helpful.

The forum is monitored by TalkTalk teccy staff during normal working hours but your thread can be flagged for their attention if they are not available at the time.

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