broadband line speed test website?

  herc182 12:16 07 May 2005

dear all,

I am trying to find a website i stumbled across once, that would check what the maximum speed my line could handle for broadband. it had someones name in the URL and then "broadband".

anyone remember!


  herc182 12:24 07 May 2005

no it was another website i was thinking of. it would check the actual maximum speed of the actual line feeding the house. i tried this link you posted but it did not work.

any ideas?


  Arnie 12:50 07 May 2005

What about this?

click here

  herc182 13:08 07 May 2005

thanks for the links guys but still no joy....

  bretsky 13:38 07 May 2005


  herc182 14:27 07 May 2005

these are all fantastic links. but unfortunately it is not the one i had in mind. i read the link i am looking for on this forum...havent found it yet

  Strawballs 23:37 07 May 2005
  herc182 15:43 08 May 2005

Thank you. that is the one. A careful eye also!

thanks, that sorted that problem out. Now any ideas how to become a millionaire? suggestions appreciated ;-)

  herc182 21:55 08 May 2005

lol. Might give it a go....

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