Broadband line speed advice please.

  BJN 08:07 19 Feb 2007


Can anyone please help me out with some simple information regarding download speeds.

Last Easter when upto 8mb became available to me I changed from a very stable 2mb connection to the new BTMax service. What a nightmare that was my line speed dropped by the day until I was constantly below 500mb/s. BT engineer called out twice and they never really explained anything after checking wiring but nothing inproved after 2 months.

My ISP Nildram and I can't fault the lady called Helen who monitors the replies in another forum who arrange a next day return to a fixed 2mb line for me free. I get a rock steady 243k/bs down and 32kb/s up on the 2mb line and always have.

I can home the other day to find a bigger new telephone pole at the bottom of my garden and all the line to the houses had been replaced to the entry point of the house. Nice new shiny wall hook and junction box to join the wire into the house.

On checking my router statistics see below the line quality has improved. Can anyone tell me if from these figures if its worth another go at BTMax or should I stay with my stable 2mb line.

Also I'm considering a move to Sky broadband as my exchange is LLU for Sky.

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 2272 kbps 288 kbps
Line Attenuation 21 db 6 db
Noise Margin 5 db 16 db

Many thanks for advice.


  BJN 08:11 19 Feb 2007

sorry above info did not display to clearly

connection speed 2272kb/s
Line attenuation 21db
Noise Margin 5db

connection speed 288kb/s
line attenuation 6db
Noise Margin 16db

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