Broadband Line Speed

  Abel 10:38 23 Jan 2010

I mentioned in a previous thread see:click here, that I am having trouble with my broadband bandwidth/line speed with Orange, which I thought may have been something I did in doing a clean install of my hard drive. Whereas I’ve been getting a download speed of around 700Kbps, this now varies between 87 and 130K. Orange tell me that my telephone line only supports a speed of 500K (???), and that because the total of my download plus upload speeds roughly equate to this, it is fulfilling its contract. Incidentally a neighbour of mine on the same telephone exchange, who also has Orange as their ISP, is experiencing the same sort of speed problems too. At the sort of download speed I’m getting it’s impossible to stream anything, whereas I’ve had no problems previously. Can anyone tell me if it’s correct to add the download and upload speeds together like this, surely not?


  Technotiger 10:56 23 Jan 2010

I am not an expert in these matters, but I have never heard of any ISP adding both together. Almost certainly a con from Orange or the person there who made that statement.

  folsom 10:57 23 Jan 2010

Absolute rubbish, change ISP

  bremner 10:59 23 Jan 2010

If you go to the Orange website click here and under the check availability enter your phone number and tell us what speed it says you should get.

Adding the upload and download together is a new one on me.

  Abel 11:07 23 Jan 2010

Thanks TT and folsom. I too thought it was rubbish.
Unfortunately, bremner, as soon as I keyed my number into the check availability box it came back with 'we already have that number'


  bremner 11:10 23 Jan 2010

Do it on the BT site click here - righthand side.

I have done mine on both and got the same result.

  Abel 11:33 23 Jan 2010

Have checked-out your suggestion on BT bremner, and the speed it gives me is 256K. This is obviously download speed, and probably affected by high week-end use. However, much greater than the 87-130K I mentioned. Still very slow though, and too slow to stream.


  bremner 11:44 23 Jan 2010

My sister is with Orange and the checker suggests she can get 500Mb but rarely gets better than 150Mb like yourself.

You could try the BT accelerator (iPlate) click here it gave me an additional 750Mb+

  Abel 11:56 23 Jan 2010

Thanks for the BT accelerator suggestion bremner, I'll have to get to it later though. I've been playing computers since about 6.30 this-morning, and much to my wife's disgust I'm still unshowered and in my dressing gown. Too much information I know, but some explanation has to be given.


  Sea Urchin 12:54 23 Jan 2010

Are you sure you mean Mb?

  Abel 13:01 23 Jan 2010

I think it's a typo Sea Urchin. It's Kb I'm sure.


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