Broadband line sharing?

  morris948 16:17 20 Nov 2006

Is it possible to have 2 or more PC's connected to one broadband line?

I already have a broadband connection and would like to have another computer connected to the same line, this is so my daughter can use the internet on her PC in another room, and i can use the internet on my PC.
Would we need 2 seperate phone lines or can the broadband system cope with 2 PC's connected to share the bandwith.

  Jackcoms 16:20 20 Nov 2006
  keef66 16:26 20 Nov 2006

You need a router, or replace your existing modem with a modem router. You can connect via network cables, or for a bit more cash, choose a wireless setup.

Then, assuming you're running Windows XP, run the internet connection sharing wizard

I can have up to 4 pc's sharing my bb connection

  morris948 16:31 20 Nov 2006

Thank you for the info, i have read the link.
Question: Does the host computer have to be on to enable the client to run? as an example, my computer (the Host) may not be switched on, but my daughter may want to use the internet on her PC, can it work this way even if my computer (the Host)is switched off?

  Jackcoms 16:32 20 Nov 2006

"Does the host computer have to be on to enable the client to run?"


  Dipso 16:33 20 Nov 2006

The benefit of having a router is each PC can connect independently.

  seedie 16:41 20 Nov 2006

The diagrams show the clients connected to the host and the host is connected to the 'net so the host needs to be on for all to connect.

A previous note talked about routers and this is the way to go; either cable or wireless.

Argos are doing a Netgear modem/router with a USB radio thingy for £49.99 or there abouts. This supports cable or wireless connections and have one here and works well.

good luck


  Jackcoms 16:46 20 Nov 2006

To clarify:

If the client is connected to the host using crossover cable - the host must be on to allow the client to connect.

If both computes are connected via a router, they can connect independently of each other.

  morris948 16:48 20 Nov 2006

Thanks for your help so far.
So, it seems that for 2 computers to run on the internet independantly, it requires a wireless option and a seperate braodband provider.
Is this correct?

  Jackcoms 16:57 20 Nov 2006


It doesn't have to be wireless. They can be connected using a crossover cable (in which case the hoist has to be on to allow the client to connect to the internet).

Or they can be wirelessly connected or hard-wired via a router (in which case they can connect independently of each other).

Either way, they use the same ISP.

  seedie 17:02 20 Nov 2006

is that the router will distribute the data from the broadband connection to whichever computer requests it.


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