Broadband line length.

  Mike 21:25 10 Jul 2003

Back in April I read that BT were conducting trials,with the intention of increasing the maximum line length for Adsl to 6km.

Has anyone heard anything since, BT claim to have no knowledge of when/if this may happen.

  jazzypop 21:46 10 Jul 2003

It is called RADSL - see click here

As always, go to the site and enter your phone number, if you want to know whether you can get DSL /ADSL / RADSL through your local phone exchange

  Mike 21:54 10 Jul 2003

(BT News Release NR0311, 27 March 2003)
BT Wholesale is testing the provision of ADSL broadband services over slightly greater distances from the exchange than at present. The distance restriction on 512 k bit/s ADSL coverage comes about because of the reduction in the strength of the signal carried due to electrical resistance in the cables. BT's research has now shown that a good quality service can still be provided when relaxing the limits on this loss in signal strength from 55dB to 60dB. This is roughly equivalent to extending the reach of broadband from 5.5km from an exchange to about 6km, bringing two thirds of those customers (about 600,000 households) currently out of reach into the coverage area. This will mean more than 97 per cent of those connected to ADSL enabled exchanges will be within reach. The proposed launch will be in June, subject to final trials."

The above is what prompted my question, anyone got any further info?

  Mike 21:56 10 Jul 2003

At the moment radsl only officially reaches 5.5km.

  graham√ 21:57 10 Jul 2003

I think jazzypop has cracked it, see above

  The Sack 22:01 10 Jul 2003

Dont bank on line lenght. I have seen someone fail at 225 meters and i aint joking, on the other hand i have heard of people passing at 7.1KM, its about line loss, the lenght is just about the expected loss over that lenght.

I passed without problem, i didnt even need a whoosh test, my mate who lives 100 yards away failed after an engeneer came out to do a whoosh test.

  Mike 22:06 10 Jul 2003

"I think jazzypop has cracked it, see above"

Get well soon Jazzypop.

Seriously though has anyone any actual knowledge of the matter under discussion?

  jazzypop 22:06 10 Jul 2003

The Sack's advice is very sound - remember also that the length quoted is an estimate, based on the length of the cable, not the distance between you and the exchange 'as the crow flies'.

You may live 5km away, but the route the cable takes may mean that there is 7Km of cable between you and the exchange.

To mangle a saying, 'It's not the length of your cable that's important, it's the noise it makes that counts' :)

  Mike 22:08 10 Jul 2003

My problem is that my two landlines failed through noise levels, the exta 5db allowance would menn that I should be ok.

  The Sack 22:11 10 Jul 2003

what codes does the line return off the checker?

  The Sack 22:14 10 Jul 2003

My last post make no sense sorry. Go to click here and put your number in the "Check Registration Levels" bit then submit it, click "next step" and in the URL there could be a bit saying "BT_ADSL_CODE=" post the next 4 letters.

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