broadband limited connectivity

  mern 14:52 01 Oct 2005

When endeavouring to connect to Broadband service after disabling same I frequently get the message"limited or no connectivity" However if I switch off power to the modem, reboot, and then switch on again I am connected immediately. The problem occurs on numerous occasions through out the day, every day. What's wrong and how do I get over the problem ,other than leaving my broadband connection open all the time which I am reluctant to do for security reasons?

  patsyanne 15:00 01 Oct 2005

I had the same problem and got on the help line for Aol and got told to go into control panel network connections and uncheck the box that says warn me if i have limited or no connectivity ,i swear that cant be right doing that cause it isnt solving the problem at all

  mern 15:54 01 Oct 2005

Patsyanne hopefully some one will come up with the solution. I know it doesnot take long to reboot but it's very frustrating and getting up and down to the power socket plays havoc with this old fogey's knees

  mgmcc 16:24 01 Oct 2005

The "Limited or No Connectivity" is because the PC's internet connection has lost its IP address (presumably because you *disabled* the connection). Rebooting will force it to acquire an IP address again from the DHCP server.

Question: why are you disabling the broadband connection at all while the PC is running?

  patsyanne 16:29 01 Oct 2005

Oh thats whats wrong with mine as well i just put a thread on about it so limited conection and ip address is same problem ? Hows your ip address mern, have a look in event viewer or what ever its called it says why your computer rebooted

  LAP 17:48 01 Oct 2005

mern, why disable?

  mern 18:13 01 Oct 2005

Lap..I understand that being online 24 hours a day compromises one's security. Hopefully I am wrong but whenever a new form of virus or other attack is written about the same comment i.e. broadband users are more likely to be infected because they are on line continously, is put about.

  nick_j007 18:25 01 Oct 2005

I am online almost 24/7 and have remained 'clean' and feel happy about this arrangement.
You are only vulnerable if you do not have updated virus definitions, and a decent firewall.
What do you use for both of these please?
Both of these aspects can be obtained for free as many do here. Legitimately too!

Worth pursuing this thought I think...

There are a surprising number of people who are not fully up to date with virus definitions and a decent firewall...these are the ones that are vulnerable!


  LAP 18:35 01 Oct 2005

mern as well as anti-virus software have you activated your wireless security?

  LAP 18:37 01 Oct 2005

that is if you are wireless?

  mern 23:56 01 Oct 2005

Nick I have Zone Alarm pro and AVG pro all bang up to date. Obviously I am being over cautious but I don't think that is too great a fault.

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