Broadband (at last!) but NOT 'always on'...Why?

  AngeTheHippy 03:15 23 Jul 2004

Morning Chaps, (yeah, it IS early, but like a new toy, aint it...) Just gone Broadband, no probs, nice and fast, except I thought broadband meant as soon as you powered up your PC, you were online - no desktop icon with 'connect' (like dial-up). That doesn't seem to be the case here. I'm using XP, and the modem is an Alcatel Speedtouch USB. What's more, I've found that a couple of times I've dropped the connection (like the bad-ol'-days of dial-up). Can someone help me out with this please?

Thanks lots, off for a surf....


  ste_bla 04:22 23 Jul 2004

Normally you have to click on an icon to connect to the network if you use a PCI/USB modem. If you use a router then if you leave it on then as soon as comp on it is connected.

Sometimes you may get disconnected however it should only be once or twice now and then..

  Forum Editor 06:48 23 Jul 2004

this "always on" thing is a misnomer - you are only online when your modem initiates the connection, and it will do that when you tell it to.

If you have a router, your username/password combination is stored in its ROM (Read Only Memory) when you set it up, and it will make the connection automatically as soon as it's powered on. You'll stay connected until you turn the router off (I recommend that you do that at the end of the day). There's no advantage to leaving your connection running all the time, in fact there can be a disadvantage - your IP address will remain constant, and if by some remote chance a hacker should fancy a dabble he/she will have plenty of time to come back over and over again.

Dropped connections can happen, but if you find it's occurring on a regular basis there's something not right. Give it a while and see how your service settles down, and if the dropped connections continue come back and let us know.

  AngeTheHippy 07:26 23 Jul 2004

Glad yr up nice and early...;D Thanks so much for explanation. 'They' lied then...not alwaysom unless u click the icon. Oh well, I can live with that. I'm bally tired, only had bout 2 1/2hrs sleep. And already I'm playing again.

Thanks very much,


  harps1h 08:28 23 Jul 2004

drag the internet explorer icon into your programs/ startup and it will automatically connect to your homepage on bootup as it iniates the modem

harps (:-)

  Wak 08:30 23 Jul 2004

Just to add my two pennyworth of info?
I have NTL BB through the set top box which contains the modem and this is "always on" (as the set top box is always on so as to receive the TV programs.)
As soon as I switch the computer on, I am on line and don't have to click any icons to connect with the outside world.
Avast A/V is immediately phoning home for any new updates that may be available.
So when some people say that their BB is "always on", they actually mean it which is a rarity these days.

  AngeTheHippy 13:46 23 Jul 2004

nahhhh, tried that and it didn't work. As I said, not much of an annoyance, as it only takes moments for the connection anyway.
Thanks anyway,


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