Broadband keeps dropping out

  derrick229 21:14 12 Mar 2012

My Broadband keeps ropping out after 15 minutes oe so, even the wifi I have tried connecting my laptop via ethernet as well, but it drops out as well I run Windows XP Pro I have my broadband with Sky (I dont have any problem getting my Sky TV or BB from them) I have had 2 engineers out to check the line, they said they rectified the faults, but never said what it was though I have had 2 new routers from Sky, another on the way I have tried all I know, I have had the Sky people run all there tests, so far nothing has been found at fault Is it my PC ? Is it the ethernet card ? Is it the router(s) Is it the line ? Is there a program out there that can check if my ethernet card is at fault ? I have put a new one in, but that may or may not be faulty I really dont have a clue what is wrong here, but it has been like this since Christmas 2011 Help or advice would be appreciated Derrick

  Woolwell 21:59 12 Mar 2012

If the router is losing broadband, and the lights on it should show that, then it is nothing to do with your laptop. The problem would seem to lie with the router or line in.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:13 12 Mar 2012

in device manager - network adaptors

RIght click your ethernet cardcard - select properties - power management tab - untick Allow the computer to switch off

do the same for the wireless adaptor card.

  derrick229 22:21 12 Mar 2012

Tried that with the device manager, it says its fine,drivers all up todate but still drops out

The lights on the router sometimes go orange (well one does), but its a regular thing

  northumbria61 22:32 12 Mar 2012

Try or replace filters - you may have a faulty one.

  derrick229 22:45 12 Mar 2012

I have replaced the filter, several times, I have 3 left

Okay, here is what happens

I turn on the PC, wait a few minutes for it too boot up, go to my home page, check emails, write replies if required, and send (I use windows livemail) it goes to the out box, it may go straight away, it may take a minute or so

I then check my ebay, the news, just surf for a while, it takes longer and longer for each page to load, then drops off completely

I either have to reboot the PC or switch off and switch on the router, either works)

I have used broadband choices to check the speeds, it drops off after 15-18 minutes

In January, I bought a new ethernet card (just before the new router arrived)

I bought a new ethernet cable (I relocated the router nearer to the phone main box) fitted a new filter, the router arrived, fitted and set it up, put the new code into the laptop for the WiFi, worked fine for a week or so,

I ended up with 3 new routers (2 were faulty, seagates, 1 the Netgear) I now have this new Netgear and my old Netgear router, the problem remains the same, no matter which router I use

Thats about it

  mickzdaman 01:15 13 Mar 2012

Can i just ask what speed the connection is. i may be wrong but if its a low connection:i,e: 1meg to 5 meg it could bottom out because of traffic. traffic is getting higher and higher these days with 100's of thousands of ppl conecting (around the world) on a daily basis.

I'm just curious. And (habit of a lifetime) probably wrong. lol. good luck anyway mate.

  derrick229 08:16 13 Mar 2012

I have Sky unlimited, (they say 'upto 10 Mps, I get 3.3 most times, before it drops out

I dont think its just 'traffic' it happens all the time, all day or night (but for some unknown reason it never dropped out last night)

  spuds 08:32 13 Mar 2012

You say that you had 2 engineers out, who checked the line, made a repair, but didn't tell you what the faults were.

Might sound silly, but was this anything to do with 'your profile' that as been set-up by Sky. You will find your profile, by checking the router.

Wrong profiles will give a number of problems, including poor speeds and drop-outs.

If you do not know how to check the profile, then ask Sky to do it for you.

  derrick229 09:00 13 Mar 2012

I didnt set up a 'profile' I did change the router password (to something I could remember for the WiFi) but nothing else

When I called Sky, I had to push a point into reset the router, that bought everything back to factory settings, and things stayed the same (so I changed the password again)

I have run Malwarebytes and Avast to check if there any bugs or anything on my PC, seems clean

  spuds 09:40 13 Mar 2012

Your profile as nothing to do with passwords, its how Sky provides the service to you (they set the profile). Having the wrong profile can make a difference to the service that you receive. When an ISP sets up a profile, they may need to monitor it for a time, to see if it is providing the correct service required for your line etc.

Depending on the router that you use, you should be able to gain access to the routers internal information (you should be able to find this information of access, from the router manufacturer or possibly your ISP, if they provided the router). If you locate the profile section in the router, then you should be able to monitor this yourself, and by doing so, check for any profile changes during the day.

Perhaps a further point to remember. If you 'reboot' the router, then this might make a difference due to the 'handshake' procedure while the line 'adjusts' itself. This 'adjustment' can take a few days in some cases!.

This is a good website to gain information about broadband

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