broadband keeps disconnecting

  jay9614 14:59 26 Sep 2006

i have 1mb tiscali broadband.
it keeps disconnecting with error code 680(no dial tone)
i have bought new filters-Excelsus Broadband DSL filters Model Z-420UK-A
speed tests are good, usually around 980kbs
i do hear some interferance when i pick up the phone, sometimes quite bad and sometimes phone calls can cut the internet connection.
any advice?

  Jak_1 15:11 26 Sep 2006

have you got filters on all devices eg ext phones, fax machines, answermachine, fire alarm etc?

  jay9614 15:15 26 Sep 2006

yes i have got filters on all devices(4 phones)
interferance noise over the phones only stops when i disconnect the modem cable from the socket

  Jak_1 15:22 26 Sep 2006

Odd, there should be no noise on the line at all. What make of modem and what indicator lights? Also there have been many threads of Tiscali problems.

  Jackcoms 15:23 26 Sep 2006

"yes i have got filters on all devices(4 phones)"

And are all of those phones a maximum of 1 REN each?

Remember that a 'normal' BT line can only support a maximum of 4 REN without some sort of signal booster.

  jay9614 15:33 26 Sep 2006

modem is the sagem [email protected] 800
the adsl indicator light flashes or goes off when my connection breaks
as for the ren im not sure, but ive just tried and the interferance is greatly reduced when i only have one phone connected

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