broadband keeps disconecting. help

  [DELETED] 10:09 04 Apr 2006

have hade splitter before with no probs my broadband up and running for the past 8 months including installing a wireless router working for 3 months then out of the blue CANNOT FIND SERVER, i tried everything including phoning both router tech help and tiscali and seemed to get sorted when i reinstalled tiscali instalition disc BUT when i use a double splitter on the bt phone box thats when the problems start.
i was using the splitter before with no problems.
so i have got.
bt phone socket+ splitter+filter to phone plus 5mtr ext with filter then to router,sometimes works but keeps disconecting.
but if i remove the splitter and only plug in the ext from bt socket to router or modem it works ok with the odd disconect but if i use the splitter, ext and filter and modem to my laptop it works there something i am missing or not doing.

  [DELETED] 11:04 04 Apr 2006

It's most likely the splitter. Plus you may have too many filters in the ADSL line. My Router insists the order is: Router directly connect to ADSL line without any filter (or splitter!), the telephone is then connected to the phone out socket on the Router with a filter between the two but after the Router. Filters added to any extensions - but that assumes you are one the Primary BT socket in the first place. So it's Router directly to the ADSL line then filter afterwards. And take the Splitter out and fit it after the Router - if you must have it.

  [DELETED] 16:37 04 Apr 2006

the main pc is in a different room so need a ext and splitter.
i need the splitter in so i can have the phone and router on at the same time.
but why did it work perfect before on the same setup.
the phone line goes into a filter(no adsl) then into the splitter which is in the bt socket.
the router goes into the filter (adsl)then into ext then into the other half of the splitter.

this setup works on my laptop but not my pc, why?

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