Broadband keeps cutting off

  gilla 11:44 14 Feb 2003

I have onetel BB. Lately when I'm on line (such as reading this page I am cut off and have to reconnect.
Does anyone else have this problem?

  Lead 13:45 14 Feb 2003


Is it still happening? Have you called their tech support?

  gilla 15:58 14 Feb 2003

Lead: I have contacted their support both email and (eventually) 'phone. They would look into the matter but it hasn't been resolved. Sorry this reply took so lo long but i was booted off and i had other things to do before i got back again.

  Spook Tooth 15:59 14 Feb 2003

ADSL Guide - click here

'Is this a Line Sync issue' in technical issues section of user forums.

I'm having the same problem still, despite BT checking out all probable causes on my line, the exchange and so on.

It appears your modem is not sync-ing with the ADSL enabled line. There are a great many factors involved in this, and you would be well advised to make a list of what you can, in order that someone may help you:

Operating System

CPU type: AMD Athlon or Intel

Motherboard and Chipset

ADSL modem type and model - is it PCI (internal) or USB or Router?

Drivers for the device

Soundcard and other PCI (internally fitted equipment like TV cards)

Other users have commented that the Soundblaster cards appear to cause this issue when fitted close by an internally fitted modem. Can't vouch for that, but IRQ resources can be checked (System Information in Progs-Accessories-System Tools), you basically want to look at the numbers to see where your adsl modem/network card fits in to it, and if it is sharing the same IRQ as another device - work out if there is a source of conflict there.

Personally, I have checked all other variables (such as extension leads, master sockets, other devices causing interference - washing machine, RF devices, microfilters, telephones etc) - but have yet to try a new modem. I have procured one though, a USB type and will be shortly trying this, failing, I may get hold of a router, failing that I will be getting hold of my ISP, in which case, is the first port of call as the user Lead says. They may pass it on to BT - I hope they have more luck in helping you than me.

It was lastly suggested that AMD Athlon tpye processors are showing to be more problematic with certain modem types (BT engineer). I hope this is not the case, since it's an Athlon build I have. Start with the most obvious, get on to your ISP, use the 'ADSL guide' and keep on it till it's sorted, or like me, you give up.

  gilla 16:29 14 Feb 2003

Spook Tooth; thanks for your reply OS XP intel4 microstar international MS 6513 fujitsu modem USB nvidia gforcemx60 18738/cd3x pci audio device realtek fast ehternet NIC I have had BB since last july and had to change my modem about 6 weeks ago from zyxel to fujitsu about 6 weeks ago and the latest drivers were installed. The problem has only manifested in the last week

  Spook Tooth 17:40 14 Feb 2003

These two links might help - the first is direct link to the issue I had:

click here=

The second is somewhere if you post, you might get more help from One Tel, in any event do contact them, as they may well be able to help:

click here

You have an Intel P4 then, so the last comment is ruled out. No internal ADSL modem, so that's ruled out also. You have switched modems - was the last faulty and you're sure it was only in the last week the problem became apparent?

There was one other factor I didn't mention, this was mentioned by BT, and will help in the event of diagnosing the problem, if you report the frequency and timing of this loss of connection. You need to be specific, and say whether the LED light on your modem (presuming it's external model) goes out (or blinks or whatnot) to indicate the line synchronisation is being lost or not (this wil lmake a big difference to investigating the possible causes).

It may be that there is a pattern, perhaps it occurs more often at a particular time? Linked to some activity or other? Or, and this is what was mentioned, it may be linked to weather events, dampness or humidity (frost or whatnot) and your line (point at which it enters property or other) is affected due to wiring problem. Might be worth checking (after ruling other causes out). Wasn't the case for me - but one way of testing likelihood is if there are problems on the line at all, like crackling or whatnot as this will be affected also - is the line is crystal clear, then rule it out. Also - DECTS phones cause or may cause problems.

I do not know of your Network Interface Card so maybe if you have other stuff networked from the computer, that will be relevant also - in any event, you are using an ADSL service and not Cable. (ONE Tel is ADSL).

Lastly, the soundcard is not one I recognise - the times when you disconnect/lose sync - are you playing any sounds (either TV or music or whatnot) through the computer. I am suspicious still of my own card (an Audigy) and may yet take this out, since frequency of disconnection appears to be higher when I am either gaming or running the TV application.

If you get it sorted - be sure to let me know, as this problem is doing me in also. Good luck.

  Gerrycan 19:07 14 Feb 2003

Have you managed to resolve your problem??

  gilla 12:39 16 Feb 2003

Lead/spooktooth/GerryCan. Thankyou for your helpful replies I will let you know how things progress (or not)

  topne3 09:14 01 Mar 2003

i have a Freeserve ADSL connection. when I switch computer on and go straight to access Internet, no problem - straight in. If however I switch on computer and do some otherwork, then try and access Internet, get message No dial tone OR unable to establish connection. ADSL box lights are all on? Anyone havig similar problems: when contacting Freeserve they reckon fault lies with IE6?

  gilla 10:20 01 Mar 2003

Thanks for all your help. Things seem to be behaving themselves (fingers crossed)
I notice that the network status on onetel still shows delays with email on broadband and has done for a couple of weeks now. You would think they would have cured that by now.

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