Broadband - Is it worth it?

  Vandergelder 23:02 30 Jul 2003

Have for some time used Tiscali (Anytime) at the princely monthly sum of £13.99 with very few problems.
Can anyone tell me if it is worth my while changing to Broadband, and what are the real advantages?
Cannot really accept all the claims that it's the "greatest thing since sliced bread" !!

  Mango Grummit 23:04 30 Jul 2003

It's not as good as sliced bread.

But yes it is worth having if you use the net a lot.

2 main things. It's as quick as flicking on a light switch. It releases the phone. That's it!!

  VoG II 23:08 30 Jul 2003

What do you use the internet for and how often do you use it?

If you surf "all the time", download stuff and so on then definitely worth it.

If you go on the net every third Tuesday to check the weather in Harrogate then probably not.

  wint 23:09 30 Jul 2003

Have a look at all the other threads on the same subject.

I have had BB from Pipex (£23.44 per month) for over a year and wouldn't want to go back.

The internet/e-mail is always open, no busy phone lines (unless we are using the phone!)

In my case it is at least 10 times faster than dial up.

You won't appreciate the speed until you have experienced it. Before I never bothered downloading (legit) software etc. Now I don't even consider it. I downloaded 1.5GB of Linux stuff the other week. It happened in the background & still left enough bandwidth to send/receive e-mail and any web surfing my family wanted to do.

Yes, it's worth it - to me.

  LastChip 23:10 30 Jul 2003

Once used, you will never go back to a conventional modem!

Look at it this way. For about £10 extra a month (33p a day!!), your freeing up your telephone permanently, and getting web pages and downloads at speeds you won't believe.

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