Broadband issues

  lee_robinson1983 08:11 04 Apr 2006

I currently don't use broadband but with there soon to be 2 computers in seperate rooms in the house, things will change.

I was wondering how I can have both computers on broadband without compromising the connection speed? Is there anything I could get hold of?

Thanks, Lee

  Diodorus Siculus 08:24 04 Apr 2006

Most wireless routers will do it for you without any realistic compromise in speed.

You can also have a wired connection if you want to run a cable between the two.

  dms05 09:18 04 Apr 2006

You can't connect the 2 PC's to the Internet through their own Broadband Modems connected to the same phone line. It won't work, well not if you want the 2 PC to have access at the same time.

Diodorus Siculus advice is exactly correct. WiFi connection is physically easier as you don't need to run cable between the 2 rooms. You would need the wireless router on the incoming telephone line and if the first PC is near then LAN cable connect to this. You'd need a WiFi adaptor on the second PC to receive the signal from the WiFi Router. You could have both PC's WiFi'd and no LAN cable to either, just a freestanding WiFi Router (after the initail setting up).

WiFi Routers can be daunting to the uninitiated but usually come with a good set up procedure. Be prepared for a whole lot of technology you've never seen before.

Having said that when I've installed WiFi Routers they have worked first time.

  lee_robinson1983 09:52 04 Apr 2006

Thanks for the advice. Where can I get a good wireless routers from and how much?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:12 04 Apr 2006

click here

This is the one I use and it works well.


  shauny36 10:17 04 Apr 2006

try pc world they are about £60-£80.
i used a wirless router connected to 3 computers and you cant really notice lag in speed unless you are doing a lot of downloading.
you will also need 2 wireless g network adaptors (usb or network card)
if you go to pc world go to the help desk and they will keep you right.

i couldnt be without wireless.

  MIKE. 10:20 04 Apr 2006

I currently use BT for my 2Meg broadband and I was looking into upgrading to 8 Meg on the 11th April. I contacted BT to be told if I upgrade to a faster speed I would have to take out a new 12 month contract,has anyone else had this problem or am I being led up the garden path.

  vinnyT 11:12 04 Apr 2006

MIKE. No, you are not being led up the garden path.

  The Spires 11:29 04 Apr 2006

I was upgraded today to Zen 8000 Active, I am still on a 1 month contract with them, migration to Zen is free.

  lee_robinson1983 13:00 04 Apr 2006


  lee_robinson1983 13:06 04 Apr 2006

my computer has 2 x 10/100/1000 gigabit LAN ports (1 port on A8N-SLI SE) as its network facilities, will I still need a wireless adaptor or could I get away with just getting a router? The router will be with the other computer?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, not very good with broadband tecnicalities :)

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