Broadband ISPs Please

  Migwell 01:28 01 Sep 2003

I would like broadband but some I have looked at are 1/2 speed for £19.99 or others are £23.99 for 512k. Are they any for less than £20.00 and at full speed of 512k. Also which is the best of the bunch, I feel that I don't know enough and could be easley ripped off.

Thank you up front for any Help.

  hugh-265156 01:36 01 Sep 2003

im with ntl on their 600k service,it costs £24.99 a month,have been using since last october and cant fault it.they have a 150k service which is surprisingly quick and costs £17.99 i think.

cheaper is not always better.go with a name you trust. click here

  Migwell 18:40 02 Sep 2003

Thank you to all. Seems like +net is a good bet. To toz666 I feel that I did hear this some time back, now that you have reminded me, thank you all again.


  Strawballs 14:14 05 Sep 2003

Peverelli when all you can afford is £17.99 pm then 150k does seem quick when the only other option is 56k dial up with tied up phone line, 2hour disconnection & 150hours pm limitation.

  paul654 14:30 05 Sep 2003

I've been with Pipex for over a month now (£23),haven't had a single 'cut-off' and its like lightening. I was on-line 8 days after my initial application.

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