Broadband ISP's with no transfer capping...

  BBez 21:02 06 Jul 2004

Hi all, can't wait, village gets Broadband enabled in October...

problem is i was going to use BTBroadband for my ISP but i've noticed a 1GB cap on transfers.

As i average 700MB (d/l's & u/l's) on a dial-up per month with BTOpenworld, i need an ISP with unlimited or a minimum of 2GB transfers (d/load & u/loads) and thought the best advice would be from users that connect to the forum...

any suggestions appreciated and shall be investigated as i don't want ripped off..!

  Old Shep 21:08 06 Jul 2004

My village is enabled in August (can't wait) and I have plumped for Pipex click here Solo 500 £23.44 per month. Includes free set up. Am presently with Freeserve (Wanadoo) but theirs is cheaper but limited. Hope this helps.

  BBez 21:16 06 Jul 2004

cheers shep, gonna check it out now...

  BBez 21:24 06 Jul 2004

yeah, the Solo500 package looks kewl...

Do you know if Pipex also supports FTP services, e.g. running Web / FTP server from my living room..?


  Djohn 21:31 06 Jul 2004

Zen offers all you require with no limits on anything. Comes top every month in the ADSL guide. click here and place a tick in Zen and any other five of your choice. j.

  Old Shep 21:37 06 Jul 2004

I don't know the answer to that as I am just a home user. If you click here and click on support you can e.mail the with your query by selecting option 2 on the first page and option 10 on the next. Good luck.

  BBez 21:48 06 Jul 2004

Thanks, Zen also looks appealing... will ponder on both for a while...

  TommyRed 23:54 06 Jul 2004

Also have a look at PlusNet never had a real problem though there was a bit of an e-mail cock-up a few months back. The're always up there towards the top of the ADSL league but they also have some good deals, free modems etc HTH TR

  SirGalahad2004 00:00 07 Jul 2004

i'm on freeserve broadband . not had ant trouble.
or shoul i say wanadoo ...... damn its like calling marathons snickers . lol

  ShanghaiDave 00:20 07 Jul 2004

Tiscali offer 512 for £24.99 a month and that is unlimited.

I have been on them a while and not all the romours of them being crap are true. They aren't that bad, bt were way worse and even cut me off dialup for being online for to long on a UNLIMITED PACKAGE!!!

I have downloaded a few 700 mb files in a day with tiscali and have not being capped speed wise so I can confirm that it is unlimited.

  BBez 18:22 07 Jul 2004

thanks to all, several good choices there that i can investigate until we're BB enabled, thanks

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