broadband isp,s

  aka51 11:54 02 Jun 2005

hi.i need a new isp,any recommended will be appreciated.i,v been trying to contact pipex after doing site search but can,t get any reply.i,m on tiscali dial up at the moment (shrewth)and am not keen on their,s or bt,s download limits.the other half does,nt like aol.cheers.

  Yoda Knight 11:59 02 Jun 2005

I use Telewest cable. Always on connection, free upgrades every so often, doesnt tie up the phone line...

  TomJerry 12:16 02 Jun 2005

over two years now, only once had disconnection for a few hours

they have a number of different package suitable for most people

as for downlad limit, I would say 5GB per month is enough for 90% of users

  soy 12:24 02 Jun 2005

Connected to plusnet on Tuesday. Had used plusnet 512k BB few years ago. Now they Do up to 2meg for the same £21.99 price. Excellent!

  selfbuild 12:27 02 Jun 2005

I will second TomJerry.... I'm also with Plusnet and also very happy with them....

Why don't you click here and compare the ISPs that your intrested in or have been recomended.....

  TomJerry 12:35 02 Jun 2005

they do free connection now

click here

  GroupFC 12:39 02 Jun 2005

I am with Pipex and find they provide a very reliable service. I have only contacted them once just before I got BB and found their staff very helpful.

How are you trying to contact them (e-mail, phone)? What were trying to contact them about, as there a few pipex users on this forum and we may be able to help?

  sil_ver 13:03 02 Jun 2005

Using Freedom2Surf. 2.2mb speed for £19.99 (10Gb monthly) I think the main consideration should be. Does the broadband ISP of your choice support 'migration'. If it doesn't your stuffed for a free swap-over if you don't like it.

  aka51 22:05 03 Jun 2005

thanks for all the replys.i,v had a busy time so apologise if anyone thinks they were ignored.groupfc:no answer on phone..just waiting and waiting.just wanted to find out their basic,s to compare etc.thanks too selfbuild,i,ll be following your link in just a moment,and will checkout plusnet so thanks to all.she by the way is now going on about tesco broad band("i can do the shopping" etc).cheers.

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