BroadBand ISP Recommendations required

  [email protected] 13:55 06 Mar 2004

I have decided that I am fed up with my internet speed & am tempted to treat myself to Broadband for my birthday.
I would like recommendations for Broadband providers. I have looked at BT's £19.99 option which would prob. suit me, but I don't like the idea of being told there is a limit to what I can do (having said that I may be cutting off my nose etc as I basically want improved speeds rather than large download facilities)Similarly I looked at Tiscali, Freeserve and Virgin. Tiscali looks good but somewhere it suggested that if your line wasn't up to BBand then it was your prob . once ordered. FS is £15.99 for 3 months but then goes up to £27.99, Virgin has no yearly contract but there is a modem charge - HELP!!! What to do? Have you had good service?

  valex008 14:04 06 Mar 2004

you will see all you need and cheaper and better here click here

  Kinder Scout 14:04 06 Mar 2004

I used BT for over two years & in all that time I have only had 6 hours or so the system was down & that was in the beginning, as in all things you get what you pay for & BB is no exception. I recently changed to Zen when I moved house & the speed that got my connection up was quite amazing.

I have found lots of useful information from click here which deals almost exclusively with ADSL. It’s worth spending a while to find a package that suits you.

  valex008 14:06 06 Mar 2004
  [email protected] 14:11 06 Mar 2004

Thanks will check these out. Hoping for better and cheaper and appreciate a personal recommendation!

  erkmatrix 14:12 06 Mar 2004

Plusnet's easy start package is what I've just signed up with an speeds are very good , Its a 500kbs package and my sped test was 489 last time I did it. You get the modem and filters and activation payed for only £24.99 and have virus spam protection and alsorts of little extra's including webspace. Have a look on click here

and check out prices in the top ten.


  DAG88 14:29 06 Mar 2004

click here to compare ISPs.

Ive heard that Zen and Pipex are very good

click here , click here

  grabster 14:49 06 Mar 2004

yep,pipex does the job for me with no problems.£23.99per month, no download caps.

  Djohn 15:53 06 Mar 2004

As Kinder Scout did, I also changed over to "Zen" and found the difference in speed amazing. They are a very well established company but do very little advertising, if any.

They aim themselves at commercial customers and business people working from home. First class service and and will have you up and running in 3-5 days from order.

I don't know what there customer service is like because I have only ever phoned them once and that was to order the service. I have had no contact with them since in the 4 months I've been with them.

The Broadband Icon sits on my desktop and I click on it and connect to the internet within seconds. It's a little like turning on the telly. Turn it on and sit back to watch, or in this case surf. No fiddling with settings or making adjustments, just forget all about it and get on with enjoying yourself. Highly recommended. j.

  [email protected] 16:40 06 Mar 2004

Thanks! Could you tell me if you get e-mail addresses with the Zen account? I checked their details but wasn't sure(I'm presuming Pop3 Mail box means you do?)- also what does Contention 50:1 mean?
Obviously with Zen there is a £50 activation charge and also a modem charge £34 + does its speed justify this "Extra", compared to the free activation and free modem offers currently available with other ISP's?

  Forum Editor 17:03 06 Mar 2004

is common - it's the BT standard for home users - and means that at any one time a maximum of 50 users can 'contend' for the available bandwidth. The more users that are downloading on the bandwidth the slower they'll all go.

I have used the BT ADSL service (both business and home packages) since they first started, and in all that time I doubt that there has ever been maximum contention. It's not something that is a problem in the real world, although as broadband take-up increases it may rear its ugly head.

Be very careful when you evaluate competing rates. All ADSL providers have to buy the service from BT wholesale, and some of them cut the cost to the bone in order to get subscribers. Little or no margin means that when anything goes wrong there's no room for manoeuvre - I would rather pay a little bit more and get a thoroughly reliable service - which is why I've stayed with BT.

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