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  Molino 14:06 05 Jan 2006

El Molino Systems S.L.

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  dms05 14:27 05 Jan 2006

I tried Broadband by Satellite when in Spain. The results were not impressive and I didn't renew my annual subscription.

Their are two types (a) one way communication via satellite (b) two way via satellite.

In the first case you need to connect to the Internet by phone and all the data downloaded comes via one of the many satellites. In the second case you communicate both ways via satellite.

One way communication using a telephone is relatively cheap. I had a Technosat USB DVB Receiver pointing via a 60cm dish at 7 deg East. This is the Eutelsat OpenSky service. I used (the now defunct) Europe On Line ISP. The equipment and first year subs cost about £200.

Two way via a satellite needs very expensive equipment (c £2k) and is very expensive in data transmitted. It's only for serious business use OR when a number of users can club together and share a single installation (but it's a nightmare working out who's used how much bandwidth).

One way satellite is usable if you really don't have an alternative but I never met anyone who was really satisfied with the service, which is a pity because the concept is excellent!

One way needs you to keep your telephone connected whilst on the Internet.

If any one wants any more info post here and I'll try to answer.

  Molino 14:33 05 Jan 2006

It looks you have bad and outdated info. Today 2 way systems are very reliable and cheap, systems complete installed euro 1950,00 and 128/512 subscription starts at 90,00 per month.
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  Molino 14:39 05 Jan 2006

Forget the ONE-WAY systems, basic they are good but there are to many things involved (users) and the GPRS signal is not 100%.
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  dms05 14:39 05 Jan 2006

Actually I had bad and extended problems with Broadband via satellite over a 12 month period from May 2004 to May 2005.

I also consider euro 2,000 for the equipment to be expensive and euro 90 per month to be unacceptably high, and I bet it's capped on data transmitted. I note you don't mention that.

  Molino 14:45 05 Jan 2006

2000,00 for an installation in the middle of nowher (99% of our users) is not cheap but the ONLY way to get connected (so what are you compairing, a landline you never get ? bad GPRS signal, 20 year waiting for Telefonica and final NO). There is depending on the subscription you have a limit but ...... we dont have any users who ever pass the montly data limit. For more info, just contact us.

  dms05 15:32 05 Jan 2006

It's a matter of how desperate you are to be connected.

Your first year costs will be well over euro 3,000 (£2,000). That equates to an Internet connection charge approaching euro 10/day (£7/day).

For your euro 10/day are you guaranteed 512kbps? How much is 'best effort', which is so slow it reminds me of BT's original Prestel 1200/75bps rate.

I've seen it, used it, and in my opinion it's a bad deal. In fact Barclaycard agreed, and as I'd paid on a UK credit card they refunded my money. The Satellite ISP refused to talk to me or Barclaycard. Hardly a clever move. No wonder they went bust.

  Molino 15:36 05 Jan 2006

Next time you visit Spain, contact us and/or visit our showroom, we have 5 different 2 way systems on display. click here

  Molino 15:40 05 Jan 2006

Every (75% )expat is desperate to get connected, email, internet, Phone (voip) and talking via Chat to family and friends, today an Internet connection is a part of you life, especial if you live remote and like to stay in contact with family and friends. click here

  DieSse 15:44 05 Jan 2006

My response from another forum

I use AVInet - Iberbanda - in Almeria. This is a microwave link - I have no telephone line.

It's free installation, includes a phone VoIP connection, with cheap telephone rates. No download limits, and €40+IVA per month for a 512Kbps link and the telephone (which also includes 300min free calls within Spain.

I understand it's available throughout Andalucia, as it's a Junta de Andalucia sponsored initiative to bring broadband to rural areas.

Many of my neighbours have it, the only drawback is the need to be insight ora Transponder - which can sometimes be a problem.

Seems like a much better deal that Sat to me.

PS - I live around 30Km from the transmitter - it is line of sight that's important.

  DieSse 15:46 05 Jan 2006

Sorry mistype - I live 20Km from the tranmitter.

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